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Staff at the rare lobster restaurant will retrieve it

Staff at the rare lobster restaurant will retrieve it

Very rare lobster It ended up in the pot in a section of the Red Lobster chain in the state of Virginia in the United States. Called Calico Lobster, it is found on a scale One in 30 million. Fortunately, some local authorities realized its importance and prevented her from being killed.

According to the Fox 10 website, due to the dark spots on its surface, the crustaceans got the nickname Freakles. It was exposed in a water tank at a restaurant specializing in crabs and was eventually recovered.

“Calico crabs like freakils are very rare and it is almost unbelievable that we have one! We are very proud of our staff for recognizing that freakles are so special – and we can make arrangements for recovery for letting us know,” a representative from One said. Red Lobster.

Now, the two-colored animal is being sent to Virginia Living Museum, Is a combination of the Fisheries, Zoo, Botanical Gardens and Science Center.

“We appreciate the help of our friends at the Akron Zoo, who built the bridge with the Virginia Living Museum, where the freckles are isolated before they are exposed to other crabs. The Freakles Museum will bring visitors much pleasure and they will live a long and wonderful life,” the statement said.

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