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Spotify creates a device for automobile use

Spotify, one of the world’s leading audio platforms, has launched a new device for vehicle drivers who spend time driving and enjoying their favorite music. The element is called easily Car thingIt is, in effect, a Spotify device separate from a cell phone that can be assembled and left in the vehicle. It’s basically (more) a car technology dedicated to music reproduction.

It is important to be warned that if you are a US-based reader the company is giving away the device for free and for free, in the testing phase.

All the car needs is a smartphone with an internet connection. To use it, you need to plug it into a power source and then connect your phone to Car Thing via Bluetooth or an extra connection.

Among the few benefits of Car Thing is that you can leave it in the car during and after the ride. It is also dedicated to the user’s Spotify Premium account, so that they know the musical styles and have more easy use. It also has four buttons that can be set to function, in addition to the function of voice commands.

But, do we really (more) need a device to play music today?

It can be said that Car Thing will be useful to those who have vintage cars that are not yet equipped with Apple Carplay or Android Auto, or even those who do not have a Bluetooth connection. Owning a car potentially reduces the chances of having to mess with your phone just to find the right playlist, thus reducing the chances of causing distraction-related accidents while driving.

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For now, the debate over the importance of Car Thing is a moot point, as Spotify gives it to Spotify Premium users in the US. It also has a limited edition invite only, which means it may still be in its beta phase. If launched into the mainstream, the device would cost $ 79.99.

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