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Sports science is concerned with sports reform.  memo to the government

Sports science is concerned with sports reform. memo to the government

a National Coordination of Exercise Science (CoNaSM), on August 1, shared a memorandum on the Legislative Decree of February 28, 2021, No. 36, in accordance with Article 5 of the Law of August 8, 2019, n. 86, reorganization and reform of the provisions of professional sports bodies, as well as sports work.

The memorandum to highlight some confusion and suggest reflections on the topic of deep concern throughout the movement of cars, as well as in reference to the press conference that announced the imminent publication of the corrective decree issued by the Legislative Decree of February 28, 2021, No. 36As well as for postgraduate articles in Automotive Science.

In detail, the concern relates to some steps:

Article 41 – Paragraph 6 deals with possible equivalents for the title World of Motion. The law states that “the criteria for recognition of equivalent qualifications for the purpose of practicing the profession are, respectively, for the basic kinesiologist referred to in n. kinesiologist referred to in paragraph 4, and the sports director referred to in paragraph 4 referred to in paragraph 5 ″.

It must be remembered that equivalencies are generally recognized for a similar level of education, and according to the European Framework of Reference (EQF), a three-year bachelor’s degree is level 6 and a master’s degree is level 7, while higher degrees achieve the technical specialization (those issued by the FSN) at level 4 It will therefore be difficult to maintain the potential equivalence of the above-mentioned courses based on the equivalency of qualifications of different weight and value.

Article 42 – In paragraph 1, the text reads as follows:Sports and sports courses and activities offered in gymnasiums, centers and sports facilities of all kinds, upon payment of fees in any capacity, including the form of fees, will be carried out in coordination with the kinesiologist or teacher of a particular specialty, whose names shall be duly disclosed.”

As stated in paragraph 1 of Article 42, it appears to go against the will of the legislator because it strongly contradicts what was stated above in the explanation of paragraph 6 of Article. 41, since the coordination of courses, kinetic and sports activities presented in gymnasiums, centers and sports facilities of all kinds is attributed to both the kinesiologist and the coach in a particular specialty, i.e. to a specialty, and the latter does not have the necessary requirements to be equivalent to kinesiology. In addition to the need to preserve the provisions of Article. 42, No. 4, therefore they are exempted from complying with Paragraph 1 of Article 42 (that is, the coordinator’s obligation to attend) exclusively for competitive sports activities, in order to avoid the sole distinction between the obligation to attend or the absence of the coordinator being the sole affiliation to the FSN, regardless of the performance of competitive activities. This means that we want to avoid distinguishing between companies that do not conduct competitive activities and that do not belong to the FSN (which will have the obligation to serve the coordinator) and companies that, even if they do not. Carry out competitive activities, such as the former, rather than belonging to the FSN (and therefore exempt from the obligation to have a coordinator), with the inevitable diversification of management costs.

Finally, with reference to the persistence of renewed art. 42, No. 1, where from the minutes circulating on the network, an incident relating to the exclusion of the kinesiology profession from the health professions, it seems appropriate to note that the final recognition, as a health profession, in the master’s degree, in our opinion, is worthy of comparing preventive and adaptive locomotor activity on legislative level among all stakeholders.

The report has been sent to InayaPresence. Riccardo Nintini Chairman of the Seventh Standing Committee of the Senate of the Republic (public education, cultural heritage) From Presence. Victoria House Chairman of the Seventh Committee of the House of Representatives (Culture, Science and Education).FromPresence. Annamaria Barnett Chairman of the Twelfth Standing Committee of the Senate of the Republic (Hygiene and Health) subordinate Dr. Massimiliano Fedriga President of the Permanent Conference of the Regions of the State Based on Secretary of State at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in charge of sports Ms. Valentina Vezzali.

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The National Motor Science Coordination consists of:

  • National Conference of Automotive Science Courses
  • National College of Full Professors M-EDF/01 and M-EDF/02 – SC 06/N2;
  • National College of Full Professors M-EDF/01 and M-EDF/02 – SC 11/D2;
  • Italian Society of Automobile and Sport Sciences SISMES
  • Italian Association of Motor and Sports Education SIEMES
  • University of Rome “Foro Italico”
  • Italian Association of Physical Exercise Specialists – AISE
  • ISEF Alumni Association and Sports Science Alumni Associations – Capdi & LSM.

The note was shared on the SISMES portal

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