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Sponsors celebrate Atlético-MG's win and Mineirão fund rankings;  Watch the video |  Athlete - mg

Sponsors celebrate Atlético-MG’s win and Mineirão fund rankings; Watch the video | Athlete – mg

If Atlético-MG reaches this stage of the season, captain of the Brazilian championship and semi-finalist in the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil, much is due to the million-dollar investment made by the sponsors who helped the club. In this Wednesday’s victory over Fluminense, nearly the entire 4″R” group was in Mineirão, celebrating another athlete’s ranking out of the box.

on the video (look up) Reported by Pedro Rocha of TV Globo, Rubens Minin is one of the people who seems most excited about Hulk’s penalty, the only one in the 1-0 win. Raphael Menin (son of Rubens) and Raphael Menin was in the box with Ricardo Guimarães. Only Renato Salvador has not been seen in space.

The entrepreneurs have already loaned more than R$400 million to Atlético, between 2020 and 2021. The funds were used to pay off debts and short-term agreements, but also (mainly) to implement contracts.

Of the 11 key athletes in the win over Fluminense, on Wednesday, the group was directly responsible for the capital contribution to the recruitment of six (Iverson, Junior Alonso, Guilherme Arana, Nacho, Zaracho and Vargas).

Atlético-MG sponsor in Mineirao – Photo: Pedro Rocha

– We do the thing very consciously. Atlético knew he had a lot of obligations to pay this year, and they were all paid. We don’t have back pay, which is very important. We are paying off all the old debts and they have all been settled. So I think it’s organised. Rubens Minin said recently, in an interview with Sectoral chat.

Forbes magazine estimates a fortune of $ 2.2 billion, Robbins is the main name of the sports business group. He was also one of the most enthusiastic at the Hulk’s goal party.