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Splashes on your mobile screen will be a thing of the past;  Find out this news

Splashes on your mobile screen will be a thing of the past; Find out this news

Do you also get angry when your mobile phone screen is full of fingerprints in different shapes and orientations? Well, fortunately, there are technologies that are being developed to ensure that this doesn’t happen anymore. Although this is not available yet, there are some ways to keep your phone screen clean. Want to know more about it? So check out this text in full!

How does a cell phone work without fingerprints?

General Motors is developing a type of cell phone that has a self-cleaning screen. When thinking of a cell phone that does not smudge, most people think of a matte screen that does not allow smudges to form, right?

But GM wants to go a step further and keep the display clear, wrinkle-free, and still clean. The idea is to insert a device that, from time to time, triggers a chemical reaction through radiation. ultraviolet to break up fat.

Thus, the fat from the fingers will not be impregnated into the devices and will not form fingerprint spots.

What can be done while this technology does not yet exist?

There are specific alcohol-based liquids that help clean this type of screen and prevent stains Fingerprints Away. In addition to this, it is possible to use pads to clean glass, for example, which also work for this purpose.

Another interesting tip is to pay attention to the surfaces where you place your cell phone. Kitchens and tables are usually full of greasy and some of this substance can accumulate on mobile phone screens.

Finally, it is possible to use cleaning wipes or gel alcohol on your hands to avoid greasy buildup on your fingers. This can also be done by washing your hands thoroughly and always cleaning them after eating or touching something that feels naturally greasy.

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