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SP suburban youth wins PhD in US – News

Gustavo de Almeida, 23, is a sociologist who graduated from Dartmouth College in the United States. After completing his degree in 2020, the student decided to continue his studies by completing a doctorate in sociology at Brown University, one of the most prestigious American universities.

Gustavo, who grew up in the Jordim Fondalis area on the northern outskirts of Sவோo Paulo, did not think he could go that far. “I was the first person in the family to graduate from high school. My mom was even able to finish elementary school,” he says. “She worked as a maid all her life, but to provide a better education and better opportunities for my future.”

Gustavo received his doctorate after being recognized in EducationUSA’s educational opportunities program, an organization affiliated with the U.S. State Department that advises aspirants to study in the United States.

At age 23, the student is happy on his path. “I’m proud of myself and my family for seeing where I came from,” he says. “Without the scholarship opportunity, socio-economic conditions would not have made everything so difficult and impossible.” “I was able to learn languages ​​like Italian and Spanish and was able to take different courses outside of my field of study,” he says.

With his doctorate, Gustavo wants to continue his research on human rights integration and claim in Brazil. “Wherever I am, I will always be interested in Brazilian research,” he concludes.

Education abroad

Mariam Dobshaville, 24, from Djibouti, the capital of Georgia in Western Europe, was born in Brazil, a small country in the Caucasus. The young woman, who graduated with a degree in political science from Harvard in the United States, says the form of education abroad has different characteristics from Brazilian education. “I remember being the most active version during classes at Harvard, different from the time I studied in Brazil,” he says.

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For the young woman, there is a large amount of information sent to students by teachers in Brazil. “There is so much information available that some topics cannot form arguments,” he explains. “In the United States, when classes are structured in different ways, we are always challenged to argue, formulate hypotheses, think and explore a variety of subjects, such as discussion among students in the classroom,” he adds.

According to Mariam, the duration of undergraduate studies is a process of discovery and development. “A lot of what I learned and grew during my education, I still apply today as an entrepreneur, with a sense of creativity and critical thinking,” he concludes.

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