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Sorocaba and Beah leave the maternity hospital and show their newborn baby

Sorocaba and Beah leave the maternity hospital and show their newborn baby

Singer Sorocaba and digital influencer Bea Rodriguez left motherhood with newborn Fernanda

the singer Sorocaba And his wife, digital influencer Bea Rodriguez, left the São Luiz State Hospital in São Paulo accompanied by their newborn daughter, little Fernanda. The citizen showed a beautiful picture of him leaving the maternity hospital with his wife and newborn daughter.

When viewing the recording, the singer said: “Take my princesses home.” Many celebrities were just compliments to the family. Singer Maluka commented, “Congratulations to you.” “Congratulations, may God bless your family always,” commented player Fabiano Lisman. “God bless my brother very much,” said singer Luan Pereira. Director Junior Mendonza said: “Congratulations, brother! Hi Fernanda! Beautiful family I liked a lot! May God bless and protect you always!” As model Deborah Silva said: “Beautiful! God bless this family!”.

Netizens also praised Sorocaba and your family. “Beautiful family! May God bless you abundantly,” commented one netizen. Another netizen said: “Beautiful family! May God protect you.” One netizen also commented, “Congratulations to the couple and family! May God bless and protect you always!”.

Beah Rodriguez also talked about coming home. “I’m ready to leave! The staff here at the maternity hospital were great with us. We just left the maternity hospital and I’m so happy to bring my princess home. She’s doing well, she’s healthy, with just about everything, exams, and, thank God, her heart is full of gratitude. We had wonderful, exciting moments there together in this labour, in the maternity ward, those nights we stayed there, getting to know each other, learning from each other because even when I was a second baby, we have so much to learn and I am so happy.” In addition to little Fernanda, Sorocaba Beah Rodriguez are also the parents of one-and-a-half-year-old Theo.

Launch Instagram Sorocaba and Peah Rodriguez leave motherhood with their baby Fernanda

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