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Revelação de Sora em Super Smash Bros. Ultimate é a chave para os memes

Sora revealed at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the key to memes

This morning (5) the last fighter of Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate announced: Sora, Di Kingdom Hearts.

The internet couldn’t let this ad go unnoticed and do what it always does best: memes.

The two companies’ reputation for filing a copyright claim has not been left unchanged.

Will companies now unite to send small lawsuits and extra-judicial notices?

Some have pointed out that getting small details in the trailer must be more difficult than getting the character himself.

I felt the absence of some songs (and annoyance).

As well as the similarity of other fighters to certain Disney characters:

There is even an “explanation” for Sora being the latter.

Not all characters in the game should be happy with the competition.

There were already a lot of people prepared for the worst, in case Sora wasn’t made public. Will he do well in Round 6?

Of course, not everyone was happy with this choice.

Poor Waluigi was forgotten again at the barbecue.

But the result, in fact, ended with a boom.