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Sony sues company to create dark panels for PS5 after provocation

Sony sues company to create dark panels for PS5 after provocation

a SonyThe developer and manufacturer of PlayStation 5Dbrand, which produces multi-colored console covers, is sued after a provocation over video game design.

Dbrand is a brand known for working with mobile phone cases and covers. The The company decided to take a risk on consoles and started offering a dark cover for the PS5 Moreover.

company She decided to create her own version of the little icons that cover the inside of the surfaces, turning the classic shapes of the control buttons into a more mysterious version.

However, the Debrand She didn’t stop there and decided to make some kind of joke In the product description, Saying the texture brings “a familiar, yet legally distinct, post-apocalyptic retelling of the classic PlayStation button shapes”.

After being asked for the text, The company practically challenged Sony to sue them. So he said, The PS5 manufacturer decided not to let it come cheap and provided immediate sales comment From dark panels on the official website of the product.

After the lawsuit, Dbrand took to Reddit to complain largely about the legal action they were facing, including mentioning Round 6 and its use of the same tokens, clearly ignoring the differences in the context of each use. The argument must continue until the end of the appeal in court.

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