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SNK plans new Art of Fighting and Samurai Shodown RPG;  Details of the upcoming deadly fury

SNK plans new Art of Fighting and Samurai Shodown RPG; Details of the upcoming deadly fury

In an interview with the site 4GamerSNK’s Yasuyuki Oda revealed a new presence Art of fighting It was planned, as a role-playing game is Samurai Shodown.

See a summary of what was said in the interview.

Projects under implementation

  • SNK has two new titles that are not part of the fighting game genre to be announced.
  • SNK aims to revitalize Arcade era IPs and intends to increase its development team by 100 people to achieve this goal.
  • They have a project being developed with an external development team.

Deadly Fury: City of Wolves

  • Sounds heard in the trailer Deadly Fury: City of Wolves From EVO 2023 are characters from the game, but do not constitute the complete list.
  • The references to Second Southtown are that SNK wanted to make that clear from the beginning children’s bed It occurs in the same area Sign of wolves.
  • Seven scratches on the logo children’s bed An indication that this is the seventh title in the series Murderous rage.
  • Oda says they “set aside” concepts Moto2 It was canceled because the nature of making games is now very different than it was then.
  • Game system children’s bed It will be completely new and different Moto And the previous one. But the break comes back.
  • Oda teases the line system, but he quickly backs down and says what they’re doing children’s bed In the style of a 2D fighting game and not a 3D fighting game like Virtua fighter or Tekken.
  • children’s bed It will have netcode via rollback, as Oda considers this “required”.
  • They wish children’s bed It had the kind of “easy” control that Oda compares to modern control Street Fighter 6even though it wasn’t the same.
  • They have noticed that the percentage of PC gamers has been increasing over the past two or three years and are giving importance to this.
  • Oda says their concept is that anyone can play using any controller, but the first and most important requirement is that the game can be played using the gamepad that comes with the console.
  • The next batch of information for children’s bed It will probably be at EVO Japan next year.
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Art of fighting

  • They have several titles in development. They have plans to make a new game Art of fightingbut they are in the “brainstorming” stage for this purpose.
  • Doesn’t look like a new title AOF It will be a sequence AOF3.
  • Oda seems confused about what the new AoF should look like. He talks about how something like Ultimate KO wouldn’t work with the competitive side of fighting games, but if they take away the things that make the series unique, what’s the point in bringing them back? AOF? That’s what they’re thinking about right now.
  • Oda thinks it could be the new title AOF It is a 3D fighting game.

Samurai Shodown

  • There are plans for a new address Samurai Shodown This is not a fighting game.
  • There was an old RPG title called Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits Bushido Ritsuden And they’re considering creating an action RPG title like this (which Oda uses in broader terms).
  • Before COVID-19, SNK had a prototype fighting game where you controlled Kurama Yashamaru, flying around the field and defeating enemies.
  • This is an action RPG Samsho It’s still in the planning stages, but it’s further along than a new title AOFIt is, to some extent, in the process of being finalized.

Other games

  • new The last code This is possible, but Oda considers the series to be “well finished”, so a remake or reboot, or even a different kind entirely, may be necessary.
  • For Oda, her fighting game IPs go beyond her KOF They are all on the same level, so he has no preference in which of them is first.
  • SNK has a “mountain” of games it would like to create outside of the ones already planned.
  • new One buriki It is also a possibility.
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