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Slimy swimmers need help at the beach here’s what they do – Metro World News Australia

Slimy swimmers need help at the beach here’s what they do – Metro World News Australia

As swimmers were walking along Cannon Beach earlier this month, in Oregon, US, they discovered a slimy object on the ground. The animal, which had been wandering on the sand, needed help to get back to the sea, since it was impossible to move. Report with information from the portal dodo.

The animal trapped in the sand was an octopus. Noticing goo under the floor, the bathers immediately realized that something was wrong and decided to call for help. Calling a team of wildlife experts from the Haystack Rock Awareness Program (HRAP), members quickly arrived on the scene. However, they were shocked by the octopus’ attitude.

“I have to say that finding a giant octopus in the Pacific Ocean is a very rare find,” Melasia Miklas, HRAP Communications Coordinator, told The Dodo. “It’s something you don’t see every day.”

After analyzing the possibility of the octopus tide returning to the sea, the rescuers prepared. The Pacific giant species is the largest on Earth, according to National Geographic. Animals are smart and used to use special pigment cells in their skin to change color and camouflage.

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Rescue animals and return them to their natural habitat

The lifeguards used their hands and a plastic beach board to coax the octopus into the waves, taking care to touch it as little as possible. After a while, the animal was able to swim out and return to the water.

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Cannon Beach Experience wrote in a Facebook post about the saves.

Thanks to the connection of the bathers and the teamwork of the specialists, the octopus followed its course in its natural habitat.

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