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Sister blasts bin Laden and secures expulsion after fight on BBB 24

Sister blasts bin Laden and secures expulsion after fight on BBB 24

In the Vadas room, in BBB 24, the group remembered the fight that happened on Monday (25th), after Senirao. Alan criticized MC Bin Laden's position in the discussion with Davie and Matthews. The sister even believes in firing the funk player.

“Ben doesn't talk anymore either. Because I'm a lot like that, I do things for myself, okay, but I do things for my friends, I get annoyed. The way he talked to Matthews yesterday, she doesn't talk to you either, I was so nervous from the look on his face. He laughed! He was so sarcastic, it was terrible. I got so angry. I said, 'Respect.'” Duffy recalled what his brother said: “And he said, 'Are the three against me?'” “He wants to come back,” the dancer said.

It highlighted the moment in the fight when Lucas was trying to catch bin Laden and ended up falling to the ground. For her, that would be grounds for expulsion: “I thought, for a second, that Ben might be expelled because Buddha was hit on the floor! She made a noise.”

Can Duffy and MC Bin Laden be fired?

Davey and MC Bin Laden can say goodbye BP24. At least this is what the contract that the brothers signed to participate in the reality show indicates. Until then, the duo will remain at home, but in the latest edition, Two participants in the live program were evicted. So, anything can happen.

According to Gabriel Berlin, from IG, the contract signed by the participants makes it clear that the behavior of the brothers is clearly subject to expulsion. The columnist had access to the document, which contains clarifying provisions about what could lead to disqualification and/or revocation.

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The second paragraph of Article 11, which begins on page 9, states that “abusive behavior such as moral and sexual harassment or other forms of harm, as well as threats of assault or Physical or verbal aggressionbetween participants or with third parties, It will not be tolerated under any circumstances“.

In Appendix 1, Clause 2, which talks about presumptions of disqualification and starts on page 12, it highlights in the first paragraph that disqualification and/or disqualification can occur “at any time and at any stage of the competition”, without the need for “formal action.” ” clarification”.

In the third paragraph, it also provides information that the evaluation is “exclusive to Globo”, which assesses the seriousness of the violation and whether it is worth applying only a warning or “excluding and/or disqualifying the participant from the programme”.


Duffy and MC Bin Laden had an ugly argument in… bbp24, Right after Senirao. The confusion began when the app driver approached the Funk player and Matthews, who were arguing. The fight escalates and almost leads to both being expelled for assault.

The driver even makes physical contact with the funk player, and the brothers try to avoid the worst. At one point, Lucas pushes Ben away, but he escapes, elbowing the teacher, who falls to the ground, narrowly avoiding Davey's pursuit.

Things calmed down only after Big Boss intervened. Before him, a doll, who seemed to be hearing some directions at this point, tried to intervene as well.

Netizens are demanding their expulsion from the reality show. Until then, the duo will remain on BBB 24.

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