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Simple trick to make WhatsApp faster

Simple trick to make WhatsApp faster

Want to make WhatsApp faster, but don’t know how? Have you tried everything but your messaging app is still loading? Then this news can help you. Are we going to tell you a trick that can help make messenger faster on your phone.

Officially, WhatsApp was launched in the year 2009 with the promise of a multipurpose platform whose main goal is to send messages instantly. Quickly, the tool has become the darling of all smartphone users.

Through WhatsApp it is possible to make video and audio calls and to send audio files, videos and other files, such as PDF documents, for example. It is only necessary that the user has access to the Internet.

Now find out what this trick is and test it on your WhatsApp credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

What makes a messaging app run slower?

According to expert information, usage time can slow down WhatsApp. This feature can be seen even in common tasks that are performed quickly.

However, there is another situation that can further contribute to slow messaging app. This is the large number of files that remain in the so-called “cache”. Thinking about this situation, let’s show how these respective data can be cleaned.

But, before we talk specifically about cleaning, it’s important to explain what temporary cache files are. This is the data that is usually stored on the cell phone itself. However, these files end up contributing to faster startup (or not) of applications and in general.

However, when these files accumulate in large numbers, it causes the internal space related to storage to decrease significantly. In this way, they can overload the smartphone’s processor itself, thus impairing the performance of the cell phone.

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How do you make WhatsApp faster on your cell phone?

This trick to be presented here is more geared towards Android mobile users. This is because these devices are easier to perform this cleaning. The user just has to follow the instructions:

The first step is to open the app and access the WhatsApp settings option. Then tap on “Apps”. At the bottom, choose the ‘WhatsApp’ option.

After doing all these steps, you need to go to the “Storage” option. There you will find the “Clear Cache” function. Just click on this option and that’s it! A user who wishes can still clean all the information that has been stored on the cell phone, such as files and other data that they no longer need.

If you have an iPhone, whose operating system is from Apple, iOS, then it does not provide the option to clear cache. You have to delete the app and install it again.

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