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Simone's Mansion USA has 10 bedrooms, a game room and décor in Harry Potter and Disney - Zoeira

Simone’s Mansion USA has 10 bedrooms, a game room and décor in Harry Potter and Disney – Zoeira

Simon Mendes, From the duet with Simaria, last week he got his new home, or rather his mansion in OrlandoNear Disney, United States. The property has 10 roomsA game room and themed accommodations for Harry Potter, Michael Jackson, Mickey and more.

The house was advertised on the canal by Juliana Fernandes, the interior designer and friend of Simone who created the structures. The house accommodates 24 people and will also be rented Daily or seasonally, between $361 and $800.

See Simon’s house at Disney

Simone arrived in Orlando for Christmas with her two children, Henry and Zaya, and her husband, Kaka Denise. They were thrilled to get to know the house.

“Arrival in a house like this, with such comfort, is proof that you should not give up on your dreams,” Giuliana Fernandez said in a video on the channel “Gogodecasa”.

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Businessman Kaka Deniz commented: “Simon came from a poor family, and she actually lived in a house with a cloth cover.”

Check accommodation

Simon's Palace Room

Legend: Living room with fireplace and TV in the dining room

Photo: reproduction

Game Room donates revenge at Simon Mendes' house

Legend: Henry, son of Simon, was inspired by The Avengers Game Room

Photo: reproduction

Harry Potter bedroom in Simon's house

Legend: The room is inspired by the first Harry Potter movie

Photo: reproduction

Michael Jackson's room

Legend: Simon is a big fan of Michael Jackson

Photo: reproduction

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