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Simone Campos’ novel became a hit in England – Benzar

Nothing Happens to You, Simone Campos’ sixth novel, has been hit in the UK by the British publisher Vertigo label (specializing in thrillers) that publishes Machado de Asis in Pushkin hardcover.

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One of the author’s recommendations, “Nothing Can Hurt You Now,” translated by Rachel Berry, was published earlier this month and has received favorable reviews and praise in publications such as the Financial Times (“an original and welcome new voice”), The Independent (“captivating from the front pages”) , The Times/Sunday Times (the publication’s “Crime Club” newsletter), and interviews for the Dark Matters podcast and Reader’s Digest.

“There were difficult moments in the translation because I used expressions like ‘bread and egg’, ‘beelzebu blondie’, ‘malandra telenovela-das-sette’. I didn’t make it easy for the translator Rahul, we had a lot. Conversations about how best to express the essence, weight and meaning of these expressions. “, says Simone, who returned to Brazil after a season in the United States.

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“Nothing Happens to You” was published in Brazil in 2021 and was considered a “tense novel of discovery” by Pensar here. “I had an idea for a mystery or thriller film involving two sisters, Viviana and Lucinda. They were always at the center of the story, and the early scenes I wrote explored their lives and relationships with them from childhood. I wanted to talk. About pressure. Aesthetics, some bodies — skinny. , the damage it does to women’s minds and the competition it creates,” the author said in our interview.

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