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Silvio de Abreu shows the differences between TV series and TV series - Prisma

Silvio de Abreu shows the differences between TV series and TV series – Prisma

The presence of Silvio de Abreu in the “Programa de Todos os Programas”, as well as the opportunity to learn or remember much of the history of the Brazilian dramaturgy, of which he is a part, was also important for the many information and clarifications. Silvio who is now HBO Max presents a new challenge, after 42 years at TV Globo. It was over an hour of non-stop conversation.

Regarding his departure from Globo, contrary to what was said at that time, the author and director assure that everything happened in the most friendly and conversational way possible. A change in business philosophy, which I wouldn’t feel good about, period. Just thanks along.

From his career, from the beginning to the present day or how he stopped being an actor, “bad” as he puts it, and became one of the most respected authors on television, he has also seen many details. Curious and many of them unpublished.

On the other hand, his explanation of the differences between soap operas, TV series, and soap operas was also very straightforward, especially for this column – the defendant admits – who actually made some mistakes.

In the series, with its 100 chapters, the author always considers the possibility that the viewer may not be able to watch it every day, missing some chapters, and hence the repetition and abdominal pain. Summaries are necessary so that no one loses a thread.

In soap operas or TV series, everything is told in a more dynamic and fast way, because its chapters can be watched at any time and not at the same time of the day.

The space here, of course, is not enough to indicate all that was said, put and explained in the program. Prove, it has been proven that in any conversation, content is everything and then some.

good size

In a press release yesterday, the band evaluated these two months of “Faustão”. Carve a solid base of over 50 advertising brands, with Bradesco as the main sponsor; raised the audience. generated more than 250 businesses; It calculates more than 300 attractions; It mobilizes about 300 employees…

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It comes with new plates, such as “Se Vira na Band”.

Farewell – parting

Maria de Medicis, writer, left Globo after 29 years.

He made sure to thank the teams he worked with, especially manager Dennis Carvalho


The premiere of Guilherme Uzeda and Marcelo Mansfield in the second, at the Teatro São Cristóvão Side, in São Paulo, the show “Humor aos Pedaços”.

Work that brings hilarious characters from their careers, such as “Seu Lili” by Mansfield and “Tia” by Uzeda, which is a hit on Gazeta TV. So he stood up.

did you touch yourself

The band, discreetly, changed the color of their microphone covers or foam.

It is no longer red. Now it’s dark blue, it looks black.

pan too

A few days ago, Jovem Pan, on the radio or on television, decided to change as well.

All red before, in your mic, now shares space with blue, a tone slightly lighter than the range. I don’t know if it was my brother.

Nothing to watch

In all these color changes we should understand only as simple curiosity and coincidences.

Away from the column to imagine anything else especially regarding the upcoming elections.

Is anyone stupid?

Globo/CBN no longer has stalls in Morumbi or Allianz Park, two of São Paulo’s main stadiums. Perhaps because it has not been used for a long time.

Interestingly, in Palmeiras Stadium, the press booth bears the name Osmar Santos, in honor of someone who has been in charge of the Globo system for many years.

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lost the place

The situation of Kallyna Sabino on TV Jovem Pan is very unpleasant.

He went on vacation and on his way back found all the programs he presented were occupied. And he didn’t even go to Portugal. Travel to the United States.


Ronaldo Giovannilli is no longer part of the sports team of Radio Transamerica FM, São Paulo.
The dismissal of Paulo Roberto Martins, his friend and co-star, after insulting coach Abel Ferreira, as it happened, also precipitated his departure.

In fact, since that day, he has not appeared again, which is why the radio no longer has any way to take action. But in the squad, Ronaldo continues to look natural.


Sergio Maron was unable to renew with SBT and is now dedicated to rehearsing “The Passion of the Christ” at Nova Jerusalem, which will take place April 9-16.

There will also be Gabriel Braga Nunes, Luciano Xavier, Christine Fernandez and others.

missing it

Globo has always been remembered, in the most deserved way, Benedetto Roy Barbosa, in all of his Pantanal campaigns. It couldn’t be any different.

However, director Jayme Monjardim shouldn’t be left out too much. Even with the problems that existed between the two in the first telenovela, Jayminho’s work was exceptional, even considering the circumstances of the time.


SBT takes place after another former bolero for the Libertadores Games. Chances are good that Edmilson will return to this role, replacing Washington Curaçao Valente.

Next Tuesday, the group stage begins with the championship, the main competition for clubs on the continent, and by then it is hoped that this situation will be resolved.

the details

In addition to Always Ready (BOL) x Corinthians and Sporting Cristal (PER) x Flamengo, we will also have in the field, on Tuesday, in Libertadores, the Brazilian Athetico-PR facing Caracas.

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In one of those, SBT will also have to hunt down another narrator and other elements of the broadcast team. Your sports team is very economical in terms of valuable numbers for two important competitions.


Ricardo Guetta, representative of several works in Multishow, Globoplay, Gloob and SBT, agreed with Record.

He has already started recording his participation in the second season of the series “Race”.

hit – decisive

• Like Dudu Pelizzari, Marcelo Pio has also doubled Record-Amazon Prime: “Reis” and the new season for “Dom”.
• The soundtrack for “Pantanal” also includes the song “Chalana”, known nationally with Renato Teixeira, now voiced by Roberta Miranda.
• With the daily broadcast, TV Rá Tim Bum will have, starting next Saturday, two new features in its programs …
• … “Contos Rá Tim Bum” and “Hora do Rabisco” will be part of the schedule, with contents that stimulate creativity and passion.
• Grupo Tapa premieres on the 15th, at 8:30 pm, at Espaço LAB – Teatro Aliança Francesa, in São Paulo, the show “Papa Highirte” by Oduvaldo Vianna Filho …
• … the text written between 1967 and 1968 was banned for a long time by the censors …
• …in the cast are Zécarlos Machado, Adriano Biden, Bruno Parchise, Caetano Umehlan, Camila Cherkes, Eduardo Semerjian, Filvio Filho, Isabel Seti and Mauricio Bettencourt.
• Todos os Negros do Mundo is another novelty now available on Looke, a Brazilian broadcasting service …
• … Among the documentaries available “Depois das Grades” is the show “Tia Má Com a Língua Solta”.
• In “Encrenca” by Rede TV you have to start over…
• …to forget what was broadcast last Sunday. The result was very disastrous.