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Silvana Lima guarantees a place on a surf tour

Silvana Lima guarantees a place on a surf tour

After the success of Ítalo Ferreira and Gabriel Medina in the male, seeded for round three (eight) surfing, Rio Grande do Sul’s Silvana Lima and Tatiana Weston Webb reiterated their countrymen’s success and, in the early morning of Sunday (25), secured a place in the round of 16 of the sport Tokyo OlympicsWhich will take place from 19:00 (GMT).

Silvana, who finished second, had 12.13 points, but was behind Australian seven-times world champion Stephanie Gilmore, fifth in the WSL rankings who finished the first half with 14.50 points.

“When I left the hotel and attended the competition, I felt butterflies in my stomach, then I thought, calm down, relax, the tension is not now. I’m living a dream and I think: Silvana you are in the Olympics, Silvana, you just participated, Silvana, you went to the round of 16. After all Something I went through, when I was there film In my head, since I was a kid until I got here, all the troubles, the hard moments, the happiness I’ve had and I can say that I’m very fortunate and thank God for this opportunity to do what I like the most and it represents “my country,” said the woman from Ciara.

Tatiana, in turn, closed the heat in first place with 11.33 points, leaving the French Johann Davy behind. The result ensured that 100% of the Brazil was used in the method, both in men and women.

“It’s so different, I have chills. Hard to believe we’re here at the Olympic Surfing Games. It’s an honor to be part of such a strong group of athletes and I’m so grateful. So happy to be here and so I’m also happy with the heat. Besides being here. On the side (from the competition area) it’s very easy to train at any time of the day to get used to that kind of wave and relieves the fatigue of having to come in Gaucho commented on coming back every day to Villa.

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American Carissa Moore and Australian Sally Fitzgibbons confirmed their preference and qualified for the third round for first place. They are two of the top gold candidates at Tsurigasaki Beach.

Ciara warrior

Silvana Lima, 36, is experiencing another special moment in her career. In professional surfing since 2006, she has been named the best female surfer in the country eight times and has hit the crossbar twice at the World Championships, finishing second both times. Ciara’s home path, born in Barakuru, has been hampered by the various injuries sustained over the years; This, in fact, made it cease to be among the staples on the planet.

Gaucho / Hawaii

The daughter of former Brazilian surfer Tanira Guimarães and English surfer Doug Weston Webb, Tatiana was born in Porto Alegre, but moved to Hawaii, USA, where she discovered the magic of surfing for years and later fell in love with the sport. .

Currently, the 25-year-old from Rio Grande do Sul ranks fourth in the WSL rankings. Since 2018, Weston-Webb also has, in addition to American citizenship, also Brazilian. The decision came after a call from the Brazilian Olympic Committee for her to defend the country in the most important surfing competitions.