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Silly bug blocking Caixa Tem app;  See what it is

Silly bug blocking Caixa Tem app; See what it is

a caixa team app It is one of the most downloaded sites by Brazilians at the moment. Through it, millions of citizens receive some major applicable social benefits, such as Brazil Aid or the FGTS Exceptional Draw. Its use is so great, many people have had difficulties with a silly bug that prevents Caixa Tem.

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First of all, users caixa team app You should always pay attention to the proper functioning of the platform, preventing it from being blocked. The first step for this is to always adhere to the usage rules, one of which relates to the transaction limit. This is the mistake that many people make that causes Caixa Tem قفل Lock.

Avoid doing this so as not to block the Caixa Tem app

Users of the Caixa Tem app should pay attention to the transaction limits allowed using the tool, which should not exceed the ceiling of R$ 5,000 per month. Those who exceed this amount via a digital social savings account may get the app banned.

Such a situation can affect the receipt of the benefit, prevent its owner from requesting a loan or even cash credit card.

How to solve the problem of the fund is blocked?

If the citizen encounters a problem with the application, there is no need to despair. Unexpected situations can happen all the time. Some of them can be solved in a simple way, check out:

  • Registration Error – To resolve this situation, simply go to one of the nearest Caixa branches to report what happened to one of the attendees. The agent will then guide you on what action to take.
  • In the event that the password is forgotten – in this case the solution is in the application itself, in the option “Password Recovery”. After clicking, read the on-screen instructions and continue the process.
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It is also important to note that always updating your registration data will prevent new unpleasant surprises in connection with Caixa.