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Silent Hill is back soon;  See the news here

Silent Hill is back soon; See the news here

A presentation was recently made on thethe silent Hill“Which brought a lot of very new and exciting information into the form of remake for video gamePlus some other projects.

However, one of the most surprising announcements is the fact that there is a movie in Reboot From Silent Hill. Initially, it will be titled “Back to Silent Hill”, in free translation. Even more exciting is the return of director Christoph Gans and producer Victor Hadid, both of whom are working on their first adapted film.

Comments that can be seen about this new movie revolve around the fact that it is based on the history of the video game.”silent hill 2Which will focus more on psychological horror elements inspired by aspects of the video game.

However, at this first moment the film is seen as a revitalization, not a sequel, so to speak. In fact, Gans stated that the production script would be something very different from the films that came before.

The good news is that Gans plans to return fromthe silent HillMore modern, while sticking to the horror elements first introduced in the video game series. He made a point of being able to show and claim that the infamous Head of the Pyramid would return as one of the creatures that haunted the main character.

Psychological horror in movies these days is a genre that has become very popular; Therefore, you can imagine that the new movie will be very stressful for those who are easily frightened.

The director also suggested that this new production could hit theaters as early as next year, in 2023, which also ended up surprising a lot of people. The movie appears to have already been shot, just as the new games were made and kept secret until the date of the announcement, which happened last week.

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With that in mind, we can say we tip our hats to Konami for being able to keep all of this under wraps. On top of that, we’re more than just excited to be able to see who’s been cast in the lead role of the cast.

Apparently, the film will bring back many other familiar characters, plus, of course, the “top of the pyramid.” However, we think Sean Bean will be back to play a role that is already known to him due to the great work he did in the first movie. In the next few weeks, we may see new announcements related to the cast as the movie is coming soon.

In short, fans are demanding the return of this franchise, especially when it comes to game production. By the way, the fact that we can now watch a movie that complements what we see in video games is, to say the least, fascinating.