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Sid Moreira's wife says the accusation of her stepchildren is an 'illusion'

Sid Moreira’s wife says the accusation of her stepchildren is an ‘illusion’

Fatima Sampaio says she is tired of seeing her husband’s children, Mr. Moreira, make serious and unproven accusations against her in the press, “I’m tired, we can’t be silent,” she said this vertical.

Roger and Rodrigo Moreira are accused by the sons of Sid, After he transferred to himself and his relatives 40 million Brazilian riyalsLike the UOL Published yesterday exclusively.

“I have no idea where they got these numbers from, these calculations, it’s absurd. This is a complete illusion,” declares Fatima. Now they’ve only started talking about switching because I have a sister who lives in the States. It’s another silliness.”

New investigation

Fatima says that she is not interested in asking to reopen an investigation into her personal and financial relationship with the former broadcaster of “Journal Nacional”.

The investigation has been postponed. Rodrigo and Roger want a new investigation, whose approval or not will still depend on the court’s decision. “You can reopen, and we’ll both go on here, together, with our lives.


Both have also attempted to “prevent” the father on the basis of the father’s aging, 94 years old (which, in his digital or face-to-face appearance, is quite obvious). Exam petition blocked in court, according to children’s defense (See more at the end of this text).

About the recording in which Roger (who is actually the son of Ulhiana Naumtchyk Moreira, Cid’s ex-boyfriend and adopter), Fatima said she doesn’t care either.

“From the beginning, we fell so deeply in love, we have nothing to justify ourselves,” he joked.

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in this column, Syed stated that he would never want to reconcile with his adopted son, because he was only interested in money.

She and Syed will be doing an exclusive interview with “Domingo Epetacular” (RecordTV) tonight.

the other side

Angelo Carboni, Roger and Rodrygo’s attorney, sent a letter to vertical On the words of Fatima.

“The truth is that he (Syed) is old and sick and that with the evidence we have already collected, there should already be a psychiatric report explaining this. But the judge has not yet ruled,” the lawyer said. .

In connection with the filing of the complaint, Angelo Carboni said that Fatima had transferred money:

“Incredibly, this investigation was put on hold before it could be proven (the complaint), and there was a lot of evidence. We tried to reopen the investigation, but neither the judge nor the prosecutor sent it. So we had to enter the CNJ (National Council of Justice) saying they were blocking the investigation. of continuing.”

“The money from the sale of real estate has been lost. It is much more than R$40 million. The Federal Revenue Service will prove it. Now we are opening a criminal case, and this will undoubtedly prove (our action),” the attorney said.

“The kids’ goal isn’t (to take) money (from it), no,” says Carbone. “The goal is to take back what was taken and get that money back.”

Replica – Fatima

After the letter sent by the master’s children’s lawyer, the master vertical I spoke to Fatima again.

“They can rave and search for whatever they want. My statements are with the IRS, Cid, too. Don’t hesitate.”

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