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SIC News |  Britain expects to return to the UK.  Most people have to travel on Sundays and Mondays

SIC News | Britain expects to return to the UK. Most people have to travel on Sundays and Mondays

To avoid isolation, early earnings to the UK, now not on the Portuguese green list, should take place between Sunday and Monday.

Thousands of Britons were expected to travel to avoid the 10-day isolation, and Portugal is now on the UK’s yellow list.

The plane planned to exchange planes with more than double the capacity of 160 passengers, but the demand, at least this Saturday, did not justify it.

Many tourists had to spend the last moments of their vacation for exams as they were forced to audition for Govt-19 before departure. Although isolated since Tuesday, there are still tourists visiting Portugal.

The government is working with the United Kingdom to officially return to the Green List

The government is working with the UK to send Portugal back to the green list of safest countries to travel to. After the UK announcement, the government denies the reasons given by London, but is ready to change the situation.

The Foreign Minister promised on Friday that Portugal had previously announced its withdrawal from the UK’s list of greenest safe countries. Augusto considers Santos Silva The result is incomprehensible, Because the epidemic situation is the same in both countries.

The British government says one reason is to remove the entire Portuguese territory from the Green List of countries safe to travel to Based on the increase in the incidence of mutation in Nepal, Which arose from the Indian variant, which was contested by Portuguese health officials

What changes are made by switching to the old list?

A The measure will take effect from 04:00 on Tuesday, The Daily Telegraph advanced as Portugal moved to the “yellow” list. Upon return to the UK, passengers must comply with 10 days of isolation and undergo two PCR tests.

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