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Shortage of goods and labor in the UK; Listen to ‘Estado News’

In January of this year, the United Kingdom ended its so-called Brexit, i.e. the withdrawal from the camp known as the European Union. After years of negotiations, countries such as the UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have their own rules on the issue of resettlement.

However, Britain’s first few months of “independence” were marked by a shortage of fuel and food. Official estimates put the number of foreigners in the UK at more than one million by 2020, and many of those staying have not regularized their status.

As a result, there are now an estimated 100,000 drivers in the UK, where 90% of freight is delivered via road. The British government has taken some timely steps to alleviate the problems. The validity period of thousands of temporary work visas for foreigners to work in the UK has been extended to the first months of next year.

In the chapter Estado News This Friday, with Vinicius Rodriguez Vieira, Professor of International Relations and Economic Studies at FAAP, we are going to understand the link between the factors that the United Kingdom is going through in this delicate moment. Still, the testimony of Brazilians living in the UK is about how they live up to this reality.

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