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Shira celebrates a goal at the end of the match and draws with Curitiba in favor of Serie A.  See how the game went - play

Shira celebrates a goal at the end of the match and draws with Curitiba in favor of Serie A. See how the game went – play

a Ciara tied with Curitiba This Saturday (4) at 1 to 1, in Arena Castellaoin Fortaleza (CE), for the ninth round of the Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. Mendoza Open the bookmark, while Martinez Equal.

As a result, the Dorival Júnior team reached 10 points, but remained in 15th place. Coxa Branca, in turn, occupies fourth place with 14 points.

In the next round, Ciara faces America-MG. The duel takes place in the Arena Independência, on Wednesday (8), at 19:00 (Brasilia time). The next day, Thursday (9), Curitiba welcomes São Paulo to Coto Pereira, at 8 p.m. (Brasilia time).

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the game

Ciara and Curitiba had a big confrontation in the first half, with both teams suggesting a match and looking for the goal from the start.

Dorival Júnior put in a clear display in the first 45 minutes: pressing in the attacking sector to make it difficult for Coritiba to let go. Paraná, in turn, sought to find spaces in the midfield to reach the opponent’s goal.

With Cléber in the offensive sector, Ceará’s team sought to raise balls in the area to take advantage of the shirt’s 89 position. However, Coritiba’s defense managed to block the crosses.

Coxa Branca’s escape valve was Igor Bexau. The attacker moved to spoil Ciara’s defense line. The best chance, however, came with Fabricio Daniel, in the 14th minute, after receiving it on the left, cutting into the middle, and hitting a corner kick for Joao Ricardo – the archer went.

Ciara dominated the match from midfield. In the 13th minute, Steven Mendoza started to participate. The Colombian received a throw from Eric, attacked the back of the defense and fell with the mark. Referee Flávio Rodrigues de Souza indicated a penalty, but the assistant referee canceled the observation due to the attacker’s offside, which was confirmed by video refereeing.

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The left side became Ciara’s main target, with one goal with Bruno Pacheco Mendoza. In the 36th minute, after receiving a throw from the side, the Colombian executed a dribbling of the body on Henrique, from Curitiba, and left quickly, free of charge, to open the scoring in favor of the grandfather. Before that, Michel Macedo and Rodrigo Lindoso risked being outside the area, but they were kicked out.

Ciara and Curitiba face each other at Arena Castelão

take photo:
Thiago Jadelha / SVM


At a disadvantage on the scoreboard, Curitiba returned to the final stage by pressing Ciara. In the first minute, Toni Anderson’s cross in the area and Joao Ricciardo defended. At 7 minutes, Martinez finished, and once again the white-and-white archer had to step in. Six minutes later, at 13, Igor Baixau hit the post.

After Coxa Branca pressed, Ciara returned to control the match. Mateos Peixoto headed in the 17th minute and Alex Moralha saved from a corner kick. On the 19th, Mendoza greeted the area and stopped at Curitiba archer. In the next step, Wall failed to dominate and almost scored.

The team maintained its dominance in the match, which caused a danger to the goal that defended Moralha. Mendoza and Richard fired from outside the area, but stopped at the White Thigh Archer.

In the 39th minute, Alf Manga played for Martinez, who entered the area and finished the match above Joao Ricardo to equalize the score.

Ciara 1 x 1 Curitiba | See real time


car: Joao Ricardo; Michel Macedo (Nino Paraíba), Messias, Gabriel Lacerda and Bruno Pacheco (Victor Luis); Richard Coelho (Joao Victor), Rodrigo Lindoso and Fina; Mendoza, Eric (Fernando Sobral), and Kleber (Matthews Peixoto). Technical: Dorival Jr.

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Curitiba: Alex Morla. Nathan Mendes (Nathaniel), Henrique, Luciano Castan, and Guilherme Perrault; Bernardo (Robinho), Willian Farias (Val), and Toni Anderson; Igor Picasso, Adrien Martinez, Fabricio Daniel (one thousand manga). TechnicalBy: Gustavo Morenego.

art paper | Ciara 1 x 1 Curitiba

  • Location: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
  • Date: 06/04/2022 (Saturday)
  • Time: 19:00 (from Brasilia)
  • Broadcasting: Premiere, Verdinha 810 and Diário do Nordeste (real time)
  • Referee: Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (FIFA) – SP
  • Assistant 1: Daniel Paolo Zioli – SP
  • Assistant 2: Gustavo Rodriguez de Oliveira – SP

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