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Shakira begins to build a wall between her mansion and her former mother-in-law’s mansion

Shakira and Gerard Pique’s divorce is still a hot topic after all the uproar with Diva’s latest release.

This time, according to information from the Spanish website Marca, the singer is building a wall between her mansion and the home of her former mother-in-law, the Montserrat Bernabéu, mother of Gerard Pique.

Real estate in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and according to Shakira in the song BZRP Music Sessions #53it was the football player who made her mother-in-law a neighbor.

The post says that the land of the houses is connected to some areas and that Shakira wants to separate the real estate permanently.

The Spanish press also claims that a cement truck was seen in front of Shakira’s palace.

Recently, the Colombian kicked the talk by placing a witch doll on the porch of the house, facing her ex-mother-in-law’s floor.

Shakira is in the process of moving to Miami, USA, where she awaits the end of her legal battle with the Spanish Federal Tax Service. Meanwhile, she continues to live next door to her ex-mother-in-law. She also takes care of her 91-year-old father, who underwent surgery after suffering a fall.

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