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Seven tourists were killed by an avalanche in India.  others trapped |  world

Seven tourists were killed by an avalanche in India. others trapped | world

Seven tourists were killed by an avalanche in India

An avalanche hit the Himalayas on Tuesday (4) and killed seven tourists. Other people are still trapped at the site, according to the Indian Army.

The avalanche occurred in the state of Sikkim near a mountain pass in China’s Tibet region.

The military stated that About five cars carrying up to 30 tourists were present at the scene and they were trapped under the snow When the avalanche hit.

“We have not yet determined how many people are still trapped. 17 people have been rescued, eight of whom are in very critical condition and have been taken to hospital,” senior police officer Tenzing Luden Lipcha told Reuters by phone.

Crews work to rescue tourists who were buried in an avalanche in the Himalayas, on April 4, 2023. – Image: Indian Ministry of Defense via Reuters

Rescue operations are under way, Ludin Lipca said, adding that when the avalanche hit, people were taking pictures near a stream. Footage released by the Indian Defense Ministry showed rescuers digging with shovels near a waterfall.

Heavy yellow machines are working in the area to remove the snow left by the avalanche.

350 stranded tourists and 80 vehicles were rescued The army statement stated that after the snow was removed from the road.

Thousands of tourists visit Sikkim every year, also known as the ‘Land of Mysterious Splendor’, located below Mount Khangchendzonga, the third highest mountain in the world.

The 3,500 km (2,100 mi) Himalayan border has been disputed since the 1950s, with both countries racing to improve roads and railways in the hinterland in recent years.

Avalanches and flash floods in the Himalayas are common during the summer and monsoon months, when snow melts and heavy rains gather.

In June 2013, record monsoon rains in the northern Himalayan state of Uttarakhand caused devastating floods that claimed an estimated 6,000 lives, one of the worst natural disasters to occur in the country.