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Seven people were killed in a shooting at a church in Germany | world

A police officer near the shooting area in Hamburg, Germany, Thursday (9) evening. – Photo: Jonas Walzberg/AP

Seven people were killed and several others injured in a shooting Thursday in the northern German city of Hamburg, police said.

According to preliminary information published by local media, the shooting took place in a church. The site is known as a religious center for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Morgenpost newspaper said 24 people were injured, seven of them seriously.

Residents of the area received an alert on their mobile phones alerting them to the shooting. The letter read: “Today, around 9 pm, one or more criminals shot people in a church. The following areas were affected: Delbuge and the surrounding area (Hamburg Gross Borstel).”

The archers fled. Emergency services and doctors on site.

Police say they have no information about the motive for the attack.

Armed police officers stand next to the church where a shooting took place in Hamburg, Germany, on March 9, 2023 – Image: Jonas Walzberg/dpa via AP

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