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ABC empata com o Figueirense e está na decisão

Series C: ABC charts with Figueirense and it’s in the making – 09/24/2022 – News

ABC in the Brazilian Series C Championship decision. Alfinegro tied 0-0 with Figuernese, at Orlando Scarpelli Stadium, Saturday afternoon / evening (24). The result raised Alfinegro to 12 points. Vitoria got access in a 1-1 draw with Paysandu. The team will meet the final opponents Buteguire tomorrow. Mirasol, Botafogo/Sep, and Aparecides in battle.

Ren Carvalho / ABCFC

ABC draws with Figueirense and he’s in the making

Alfinegro went to the field with many changes. Five athletes were considered novices and had not even traveled to Florianopolis. Felipe, Fabio Lima,

Wallison, Wellington Reese, and Akaru were out of the game.

In the starting line-up of Fernando Marchiori, Afonso, Daniel Vancan, Walfredo, Alisson and Lucas Douglas were all news to try to secure himself in Terceriona’s decision.

The match started balanced at Orlando Scarpelli. Figueirense had more possession of the ball, but faced good ABC drills. Pottegoire’s team tried to be more vertical from the center forward and cool to dominate the game by arming themselves from the defensive field.

Figuereense increased the pressure and started with 60% possession of the ball to ABC’s 40. The plays of real danger, though, did not come easily, leaving the hosts increasingly anxious on the field.

The stadium, full, and, realizing the difficulty of the home team, began to support Figueirense firmly. The team improved and advanced and created the only real opportunity to score in the 46th minute with a shot from outside the area. Oberdan received a free kick and hit it. Mateus Nogueira made a great shock and sent her into the corner. ABC still had the opportunity on the counter-attack, but as they did in nearly every first half, they lost the final pass. After this movement, the referee blew the whistle at the end of the first half.

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Coach Fernando Marchiore made a change in the second half. Daniel Fananchan left and Alan Ochoa came in from the left side. In Figueirense, coach Júnior Rocha made an offensive change. He took out winger Muriel and put him in the midfield of attacking Robinho.

The Santa Catarina team has improved. With one minute Robinho showed he would be sore in the ass. On the left he dominated, pulled into the middle and hit hard. Matthews Nogueira jumped inside and did a great save.

The pressure increased, but the coach Junior Rocha’s team bets more than the air balls, which facilitated the observation of the Absidista defender, who cut everything that came in front, and in a counterattack, grabbed the ball of the match with Gustavo Franca, but ended up emaciated. Final from 0 to 0.