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Sergipe government

Sergipe government

The students participated in a scientific exchange with the professionals who work in the Institute’s laboratories

Students at State College d. Antonio García Filho, from the Municipality of Ompaoba (SE), authors of the “Ecobag for Straw Coconut Paper” project, participated in a scientific exchange with professionals working in the laboratories of the Instituto Tecnológico e de Pesquisas do Estado de Sergipe (ITPS), an agency Associated with the State Secretariat for Economic Development, Science and Technology (Sedetec). The meeting took place last Thursday the 25th.

Students Ellen Santos Guimarães, Lulania Firmino dos Santos, Sofia Gabriele Araujo are the authors of the Ecobags project, under the guidance of Professor Darcelyn. The collection was recently awarded at the Brazilian Science and Engineering Fair (February), which is held annually at the University of São Paulo (USP). At the invitation of ITPS, the students got acquainted with the history of the institute, which is directly related to the emergence of important research, responsible for the development of chemistry and other areas of science in the state of Sergipe.

ITPS Head Director Kaká Andrade explains that exchange is important for motivating students and professors to continue their research work. “We are grateful and honored for the students’ visit to the Chemistry House in Sergipe. We understand that research, science, technology and innovation are factors for the country’s development, but also for personal and intellectual development,” he said.

At ITPS, guests had the opportunity to visit the microbiology, soil and inorganic testing laboratories, where they were greeted by professionals for a moment of exchange and conversation.

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Chemistry professor Darceline Vieira Martins, project advisor, said that visiting large laboratories is very important for beginners in scientific research. This initiative makes this visit, one day, a dream come true. Because being here, for them, is feeding dreams, and it is making them see that it is possible to work in laboratories like this,” he believes.

Student Paolo Daniel, who is fond of chemistry, says his visit to ITPS further strengthened his passion for science. He said, “The presence here is the certainty that science exists, that it can be embodied, and my passion and the passion of me and my colleagues for science has increased even more.”

Sofia Gabrielly Araújo confirms: “After the visit, I feel more prepared to develop projects in the school, because here at ITPS, we understand that new methods can be used, in addition to other curiosities and doubts solved,” the student said.


The President of the Support Foundation for Research and Technological Innovation of the State of Sergipe (Fapitec / SE), Alex Garcez, emphasizes the importance of promoting research within the teaching of state education. “It is a cause of great joy to see that most of the students who visit ITPS are Fapitec scholarship holders, and learn about the research center in our state, ITPS,” he acknowledges.

The Coordinator of the Student Development Support Service (Seades), of the State Secretariat for Education, Sports and Culture (Seduc), Daniele Virginie, highlights that student achievement from the State Network is the result of a lot of work that Seduc has developed. “It is gratifying to see that we have achieved a lot of important things with surveys conducted in public schools. The ITPS visit is also important, because it is the home of scientific research in Sergipe,” acknowledges the coordinator.

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ITPS is a private autonomous system linked to the State Secretariat for Economic Development, Science and Technology (Sedetec), whose main activities are the implementation of technological services, in the form of tests and analyzes in water, soil, leaves, food, fertilizers, limestone, sand and clay to meet the demand of citizens in general as well as small and large rural producers and companies industries of all sizes.

The Foundation also stands out in the field of research, being an important instrument for the implementation of public policies for the development of science, technology and innovation in Sergipe.