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Sergio Moro quotes Don Quixote’s comments on networks and is frustrated in the comments

One of Moreau’s posts was the target of ironies on social media: “I doubt you’ve read the book,” one netizen commented.

Forum Magazine – Former District Judge Sergio Moro has proven more than once that he is not a big fan of literature. On Saturday (1), former government minister Jair Bolsonaro decided to share an excerpt from Don Quixote and was the target of many ironies on social media.

“You know, Sancho, all these storms that happen to us are signs that the weather will soon calm down; for good and evil cannot last forever, and it follows that if there is evil for so long, then good must be there,” he says. Excerpt from Miguel de Cervantes’ work that Moro shared on Twitter.

“Now a good comparison. Don Quixote was a fictional character, kind of an alternative, just as I was a fictional judge and a fictional politician. In real life, you are just a delinquent imagining yourself as a superhero,” wrote netizen Andrei Kami.

Read the full text in English Forum Magazine.

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