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The United States and other countries are expanding their environmental goals at the Earth Day Summit

“Sergeant. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” was released 55 years ago

As baptized Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles’ eighth album was released on June 1, 1967 in the United Kingdom. Became the cover icon of the album with the image of 56 public figures.

Recording began in November 1966. In April 1967, the Beatles spent more than 400 hours in the studio. In total, the new album featured 13 songs. Each side was a continuous path with no gaps. In eight months, the album topped the UK charts for 27 weeks. In the United States, it topped 15 weeks in the top 200 albums.

Cover designer Peter Blake. Made a list of statues of each beetle. Drummer Ringo Starr chose not to comment alone and left work with the band’s associates.

In a news release in the newspaper The IndependentIn 2007, designer Peter Blake claimed that Adolf Hitler was also on the cover of the album, but hid behind American swimmer Johnny Weissm பிரபலller, who was famous for playing Tarzan in theaters. One of the interests of Nazi leader John Lennon was that he wanted to put Jesus Christ and Mahatma Gandhi on the cover. But these were omitted from the final film. At the request of guitarist George Harrison, Indian gurus were added.

All the personalities were done in a cardboard box for photography with the band. On well-known faces, the German physicist Albert Einstein can be identified; Musician Bob Dylan; Philosopher Karl Marx; Actor Marlon Brando; Actress Marilyn Monroe; And author Oscar Wilde. Former British Prime Minister Robert Peale, who is known not only as an expert in the fields of art, literature and music, but also as an immortal.

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Author: Beatrice Everisto

Sound Design: Messiah Melo