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Serasa Extends To Feirão Limpa Nome For A Limited Time!

Serasa Extends To Feirão Limpa Nome For A Limited Time!

Until next Monday (22), the Feira Limpa Nome da Serasa will take place. It is intended for those who wish to negotiate their debts and will provide debt assistance of R$50 to those who pay debts of at least R$200 in cash.Negotiations can be conducted through the Serasa app. The R$50 bonus will be transferred to the user’s account until December 17, in the Serasa Consumer Digital Wallet, and can be used to pay for recharge vouchers, cell phone recharges and even pay off other debts.

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Serasa Extends To Feirão Limpa Nome For A Limited Time!

In short, the minimum amount of 200 BRL to be paid to guarantee the Serasa 50 Bonus can consist of one debt or several debts. In other words, a consumer can pay in cash one overdue bill of R$200, two bills of R$100, and four of R$50, for example.

Below, see step-by-step instructions for negotiating your overdue accounts. This way, you can earn and receive debt aid:

  1. Download the Serasa app from Google Play or the App Store;
  2. Then log in to the application;
  3. Next, choose the delinquent account expiration date you want to trade and close the position. You will receive the payment voucher by SMS or email;
  4. After that, check the debt on the screen, click “See Show” and select the “Pay cash” option;
  5. After that, pay the ticket until November 30th;
  6. Finally, keep the app installed on your cell phone until December 17, and you’ll earn R$50 in your Serasa digital wallet to use as you wish.
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