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Senators want to hear from the science secretary about hydroxychloroquine

Senators want to hear from the science secretary about hydroxychloroquine

The Parliamentary Front of the Covid-19 Epidemiological Monitor should call on the Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Strategic Health Inputs at the Ministry of Health, Helio Angote Neto, to provide clarification on the technical note to the dossier, whereby he attributes the efficacy to hydroxychloroquine in the treatment against Covid-19 and says that vaccines do not have the same efficacy. Contrary to what studies around the world show.

The document signed by Angoti obscures guidelines banning the use of the “Covid kit” in outpatient settings and hospital treatment of disease, which was prepared by a group of doctors at the invitation of the Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga, and approved by Conitec (National Committee for Disease Control). Integration of technologies into the health system).

In addition to Angote Neto’s call, there should be deliberations this week on the Parliamentary Front, established by the Senate to oversee and monitor CPI developments on Covid, to summon Quiroga to the Senate, in order to explain the technical note and delete data on the pandemic and delays in immunizing children.

Another guest should be the PGR (Prosecutor of the Republic), Augusto Aras, due to the delay, in the opinion of the Observatory, in taking effective measures in the investigation of the crimes referred to in the final report of the Covid CPI. The front also wants to hear government examples from the Public Prosecution Office and representatives from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), such as President Antonio Barra Torres.

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If the authorities do not attend, the idea is to convene them through the Senate’s standing committees, such as the Committee on Social Affairs (CAS) and the Committee on Human Rights (CHR). If there is no satisfactory answer yet, parliamentarians believe that the CPI (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry) can be opened.

Front Vice President and Senate Opposition Leader Randolph Rodriguez (Rede-AP) had already submitted a request to create a new CPI in order to determine the federal government’s role in the pandemic. This Saturday (22), Randolph counted eleven signatures, of the 27 necessary, most of the senators making up the front. It is up to the president of the Senate to determine the opening of the CPI, if the senators’ support reaches at least 27 names.

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In addition to Randolph, Senators Renan Caleros (MDB-AL), Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), Simone Tibbett (MDB-MS), Zined Maya (PROS-RN), Humberto Costa (PT-PE), Fabiano Contarato ( PT)-ES), Giordano (MDB-SP), José Aníbal (PSDB-SP), Eliziane Gama (Citizenship-MA), and Mara Gabrilli (PSDB-SP).

“Only by pressing criminals can crime be contained! We are facing a new outbreak of COVID-19 in Brazil, health systems are collapsing, including here in my Amapá states. Another CPI is urgently needed! Tests are not available, there is a need to reach the population with a vaccine.” Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is delaying and sabotaging the vaccination of our children and issuing a note with fake news about medicines and the vaccine,” said Randolph, who had already announced it, on Saturday. The Federal Supreme Court’s incentive to stop the incentive for a “Covid bag” rather than a vaccine.

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According to Senator and former presidential candidate Simon Tibbett (MDB-MS), the technical memorandum published by the Ministry of Health was crucial to its support for the creation of the new CPI. A petition by professors, health professionals and researchers on Saturday (22) to reject the document has already reached more than 30,000 signatures on the change.org platform.

Tebbett also adds that there is a new set of information supporting the opening of the new CPI, such as data blackouts from the Department of Health and the federal government’s role in the new wave of COVID-19 caused by the changing Omicron, if the issues are not resolved. They are clarified to the observatory or to the standing committees.

“(Let’s call) the competent authorities so that they are not satisfied with what is in their hands and how the progress, investigation and continuity of the work of CPI. Health, Anvisa and other inspection and oversight bodies. In the same way that there is no satisfactory answer, including in relation to this technical note from The Ministry on the effectiveness of the anti-coronavirus toolkit and vaccines, we can, if there is a consensus of colleagues, open a new CPI.”

Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE), who is also a member of the FN, said he would file a motion to summon Angote Neto to the Commission on Human Rights, which he chairs, to explain the memo he considers criminal, further. At the time of increased incidence of omicron variant and the beginning of vaccination of children.

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In addition, BT says the observatory should contact the health minister and the head of Anvisa, as well as Arras, who, in the group’s understanding, has not yet taken “effectively robust” measures to advance the CPI conclusions.

On the new CPI, Humberto Costa confirms his signature, but believes there are still some uncertainties, such as whether there is a broad topic and whether the composition will have the same correlation between forces as the first, and said the matter should be discussed this week.

Senator Alessandro Vieira (Citizenship-SE), who also integrates the front, believes that it is no longer “time to speak” and that he is betting more on the search for more robust action by the prosecution.

“The technical memorandum is criminal. It disrespects the truth, the reality, and this should be fought across the board. I support a summons and any action. But it is no longer the time to make speeches, but to find a mechanism to deal with a criminal government, it is a very unusual situation.”