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Senators propose creating the profession of Federal Auditor of SUS - Politics

Senators propose creating the profession of Federal Auditor of SUS – Politics


The nomination was submitted to the Federal Senate last week and proposes the creation of a bill by the executive branch

By Anna Paula Chuva | 27/04/2022 13:29

Soraya Thronic, one of the authors of the project (Photo: Disclosure)

Reference to the development of a bill to establish the profession of the Federal Auditor SUS (One system of health), in the Federal Senate last week. The goal is to strengthen the inspection and improve the management processes and service for users Public Health.

The document, authored by Senators Soraya Tronic (Union), Senators Alessandro Vieira (PSDB) and Ziquinha Marinho (PL), was delivered on April 20 and proposes to the President of the Republic to create a post.

We need to work on prevention before the “milk spills” and the citizen continues to pay the damages. Soraya said, “Overseeing is essential in the fight against corruption, and I will not abandon this banner.”

According to the senator’s justification, it is up to the executive branch to assess the feasibility of creating a new profession, however, the need for state action in the field of Public Health It requires the performance of a set of services dedicated exclusively to accounting, financial control and budgetary control.

For Denasus (National Audit Department of SUS), there is an urgent need to reformulate the situation, which has become outdated due to the lack of professional structuring.

“We are on the verge of closing the doors due to the small number of servers we have, due to an internal selection process being carried out and due to the lack of the Federal Auditor job in SUS, this does not interest the servers in configuring the framework. “There is also a delay in resolving the issue,” says a note from Dynasos.

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