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Selected for public school teacher exchange in USA

Selected for public school teacher exchange in USA

The educator, from the municipality of Altamira in the southwestern part of Pará, will participate in training courses in North American schools for five months.

By Vinicius Leal (SEDUC).

12/06/2022 20:27

Participating in an exchange program in the United States seemed like a distant dream to Cleice Oliveira, a teacher who teaches at the Escola Estadual Profª. Tucilla Almeida do Nascimento, in the municipality of Altamira, in the southwestern part of Pará. The educator is one of five Brazilians selected for the Development Program for English Language Teachers (Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers – Fulbright DAI).

The initiative is coordinated by the US Department of State in collaboration with the National Secretaries of Education (Accreditation) and State Secretaries of Education. This is an all-expenses-paid opportunity for public school teachers teaching high school classes to participate in a five-month development course in the United States.

The exchange lasts one academic semester at an American university. These include classes and intensive training in teaching methods, lesson planning, teaching strategies, leadership and the use of technologies in the educational process. The program in the United States will run from August to December 2023 and will include a supervised internship at a high school, through which participants can practice their new knowledge by interacting with professional peers and American students.

“I heard about this program five years ago, however, since I was a contract teacher at the time and not a public servant, I did not meet the minimum requirements for candidacy. A year later, I passed the exam! My hope was that one day I would try the bag. , it came. I applied, but without hope that I would succeed, knowing that it was a long process, few vacancies and that there are many exceptional professionals in our country. Here in the interior of Para, I never imagined that I would be chosen to live one of the biggest dreams of my life,” said the author. Clete Oliveira said.

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She says she saw the project as an opportunity to bring vision to her school, which has been doing well in Altamira despite all the odds. Clete Oliveira points out that his participation in this exchange will bring a proposal and important partnerships for an innovative method to continue to advance in the development of basic education in the Transamerica region.

“We are constantly too busy with the daily demands of the classroom, our actions produce extraordinary results, our efforts are not in vain, we forget that one day everything we do will be rewarded, and we invest in education. . Today, a sense of gratitude! Thank God for always opening the paths, friends, “I am always motivated to continue family and school. Thanks to Seduc for prioritizing the quality of teaching in our state and investing in the qualifications of teachers in the network. Actions like this make all the difference and create positive results in education,” said the educator.

selection – The selection took place in three stages, beginning with the evaluation of candidates by a panel of experts appointed by the Fulbright Commission and National Secretaries of Education (Accreditation). In the first phase, teachers’ competence was assessed through TOEFL test. Finally, interviews were conducted by video conference or telephone with the applicants who passed the first two stages, so that eight academics were selected for the international stage.

Secretary of State for Education Elithe de Fatima Braga said that the experience teachers gain during the exchange will help to develop teaching activities in the classroom to a greater extent. “I am very excited about this initiative which will allow English teachers to improve their knowledge and educational experience. Those who cannot participate this time, be aware of the deadline and don’t miss the opportunity to improve your skills and abilities,” he noted.

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It is noteworthy that Fulbright has been in the country since 1957 and has already taken more than 4,900 Brazilians to study in the United States.