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Seized Trump documents contain data on Iran and China

Seized Trump documents contain data on Iran and China

Documents confiscated at the home of the former president of the United States Donald Trump in Mar Ago The Washington Post reported today that they have “sensitive” information about Iran’s missile programs and intelligence work to be carried out in China.

The Washington Post said it had received the information from uncitable sources who were familiar with the case. The most sensitive material found in documents with Trump so far may reveal how the United States collects its intelligence for espionage.

The newspaper’s sources said that Trump’s storage of such data could lead to “mishandling of classified information and obstruction and destruction of government records.” But the former president denies these accusations and claims that the president can “declassify” information “even by thought.”

Trump did not respond to press inquiries, but posted on his social network that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation, equivalent to the Federal Police) and the National Archives and Records Administration were planning to incriminate him. He described the situation as a “close hoax”.

The newspaper consulted a former senior Justice Department official named David Loveman on the case, and said the country’s “reckless disclosure of the sources and methods of an invaluable intelligence capability” would affect Trump in a potential indictment.

Documents recovered by the FBI from Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida

Photo: Reuters

Remember the case

On the eighth of August, Trump himself announced that the FBI had conducted a search of his home in Mar-a-Lago, in Florida. But the ex-president did not tell why the clients carried out the operation.

According to him, the case is “political persecution”. However, Politico has access to the search warrant, which states that Trump “He is being investigated for possible violation of the Espionage ActIt was created by the United States of America in 1917.

The item also states that the Republican has a handwritten note and top-secret documents, marked “TS/SCI,” which denotes the highest level of government classification and can only be kept in private places.

In total, 20 boxes of documents, photos and other items were taken from the Trump Palace in the process. There were four boxes of “top secret” documents, three of them “secret” and three of them “secret”. It was also confirmed that a material belonging to the “President of France” Emmanuel Macron had been recovered.

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