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See when Pipoca and Camarote's participant list appears

See when Pipoca and Camarote’s participant list appears

list of participants inBBB 22 “will be released on TV Globo next Thursday (13). The information said Patricia Poeta in” Interview with Fatima Bernardes “.

“Let’s talk about BBB 22, last week we tried to guess who spoilers will be involved. What we do know is that they will kill our curiosity on Thursday because we will know who the participants are,” said the presenter.

“BBB 22” will premiere on January 17th.

Yesterday, Tado Schmidt revealed some tips about names, such as characteristics and occupations during “Fant├ístico.”

“There is someone who can’t bear to live with friends because he can’t bear to share a house with troublemakers – you will live an easy life in the ‘BBB’, and it will be refreshing. There are those who are fans of classical ballet: it is customary to press your foot on the flow button! Who does that? ?

Tadao Schmidt reveals the professions and characteristics of the “BBB” program participants

Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Today it is the turn of director Bonino to throw more puzzles to the participants.

Check out the tips:

  • There are people who love seafood…just don’t fall in love with Xepa!
  • Who cries for nothing … Now you can prepare for watering the plants!
  • Go and ask for a cooler…with cacha├ža and beer.
  • He has three daughters..just no!
  • He’s full of obsession.. but he’s not the king!
  • There are those who love mutt.

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