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See what the difference is between the United States and Brazilian black silver

See what the difference is between the United States and Brazilian black silver

A Good Friday This is usually the American custom after Thanksgiving every year. In the United States, large discounts are incorporated into stores and consumers make equally huge taxes on the doors of various businesses. In Brazil, clothing is being imported in small quantities, and currently, it is already one of the most anticipated dates of the year.

Despite having the same name and being based on the same ideas, there are some differences in realizing the business date in the US and Brazil. Sophia Udnick, A Brazilian businessman living in the United States, believes that the changes in the event are due to cultural adaptation. “On Black Friday there are differences between the types of products that Brazilians and Americans are looking for and the method of purchase,” he explains.

According to the businesswoman, one of the most notable differences between the two countries is the presence of body shops. “In the United States, it is customary to go to the shops to participate in advertising. That’s why we see big lines and crowded stores. I think the date came to Brazil most recently, the E-commerce Has a specific priority, “he said.

We have the United States Good Friday This is only done for 24 hours. In Brazil, many stores are able to extend the advertising period to a full weekend, a week and throughout November. “It’s interesting how Brazilians have developed their own way of boosting sales because in the United States, the ads between Thanksgiving and Friday are really concentrated,” he says.

Sofia Udnik says the focus of the event is different in the two countries. For Americans, Black Friday is an opportunity to shop at great prices for Christmas. Brazilians, on the other hand, see the date as a good day to make personal purchases of more expensive items. “It’s worth noting that many Brazilians today focus on electronics or other high – value items. In the United States, the idea is to buy early Christmas gifts, but not necessarily computers, tablets or cell phones. , Can be purchased online on Mondays, ”explains the businesswoman.

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Sofia Udnick, from a humble family, is an entrepreneur and admires nature known in the United States for her successful endeavors.