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See what happens in Wednesday class at Polyana Mocha.

See what happens in Wednesday class at Polyana Mocha.

Sao Paulo, May 10, 2022, by Clipper Marquis – Diary of the site entertainment Prime Minister’s Notes It brings you an article about the most interesting things that will happen in chapter 38 of Polyana MochaTV series that occupied all of Brazil. Beforehand, if you are that person who never misses a class, you are in the right place.

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In this portal, we will show a detailed summary of the chapter on Polyana Mocha This is Wednesday (11). Don’t worry about fake news, because we are a serious blog that provides only real and up-to-date news. Take a notebook in your house and write down the most important parts.

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Do not forget to tell your friend about the summary of the day. Finally, give your opinion, whether you like it or not. Be honest, because this is very important for the growth and development of our blog. We are counting on you, reader friend and fan Polyana Mocha.

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See below for a live recap of Wednesday’s class by Poliana Moka 05/11/2022

Jefferson fights with Henrique. The young man thinks that his stepfather is playing the role of a father and that he will not actually be a father. Zezinho thanks him for the reception at Vinícius and Formiga’s house and that he will now have a house of his own; The boys cry. Mario talks to his mother and asks if she will separate from her father; She gives an answer. Jefferson reveals that he is leaving the house. Sarah tells Otto about her investigation into David’s kidnapping.

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Pedro is being bullied at school and Luigi, who has experienced the same thing in the past, intervenes and helps the young boy. Jefferson asks Vinicius to move in with him and explains to Brenda that he is leaving the house. Brenda and Raquel have talked about wanting to leave the house too, but they need a job; Jefferson announced that “0110” (eleven) had opened vacancies.

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Luca Topper makes an indisputable offer to Andrei. Joao is jealous of Polyana and Eric while registering at the club. Roger tells Gloria that Otto has invited him to dinner.

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