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See the results we'll know after the final extension of reality

See the results we’ll know after the final extension of reality

There are only 7 days left for the Grand Final inBBB 21 “(TV Globo). Of course, in addition to wanting to know who the superhero or superhero would be, we were also very curious to find out what life would be like for the newest ex-BBBs once they left home.

So, we have included some results that we will only know what will be at the end of “Big Brother Brasil”:

Will Juliet and Fiet Tube maintain the friendship?

During the “BBB 21Juliet and Fayette had a friendship marked by ups and downs. They alternated periods of rapprochement and withdrawal, Especially when Youtube got close to Tai.

After eliminating it, Fei admitted that her relationship with her friend was “toxic.”.

But will they continue their friendship? Just follow up to find out.

BBB 21: Juliet and Fayette Tube decide to leave

Photo: Play / Globoplay

Do Gilberto and Lucas have anything else?

One of the most memorable moments in this release was when It was Gilberto and LucasWhich surprises everyone at home and the crowd outside. Mourned by Jill and the fans who shipped Monday, Lucas gave in reality At the end of that night.

Since then, there have been countless occasions Jill said he is still in the mood for the actor e Want to meet you here.

Lucas turn, I already said the feeling was mutual, more than “Relationship is a complicated thing”.

BBB 21: Lucas and Jill's kiss at the party - clone / Globoplay - clone / Globoplay

BBB 21: Lucas and Jill kiss the party

Photo: Play / Globoplay

What will the two be like after Jill leaves home?

How will karthur be?

The pair of Arthur and Carla Diaz have been the one who has outlasted ‘BBB’, and even survived a false wall.

But the relationship was a far cry from a bed of roses. Arthur and Karla argued several times and even walked away, even as Karla cried on one side and on Arthur confesses jealous of her.

Just The actress has already decided to end the relationship After eliminating it. Of course, Arthur doesn’t know that, and recently He even planned to rediscover the relationship after leaving the house.

Now it remains for us to be curious how the crossfite maker would react to this end! # Fixi

BBB 21: A Kiss From Arthur And Carla Diaz - Clone / Globalplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 21: A Kiss From Arthur And Carla Diaz

Photo: Play / Globoplay

Will Phuk marry and have children?

One of the things we found out about Fiuk during “Big Brother Brasil” is that the singer will soon form a family. During the Leader’s Test, The brother said he wanted to be a father We live soon. On another occasion, He told Pocah that he had no interest in “celibacy.”:

Anyone who approaches knows I want a small family soon. It does not come with “mimimi”. “Mimimi” No, it doesn’t come with a singles side to my side.

Will it be that after “BBB” he will fulfill this desire?

BBB 21: Fiuk's Test Leader - Clone / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 21: Fioch’s Leader Race

Photo: Play / Globoplay

Will Juliet pursue her musical career?

A few years ago, Juliet actually thought about being a singer. Associate Brother “BBB 21” She said she even recorded a song in the studio But it ended up abandoning the region.

In the program, Paribana has already been praised for her singing PhukAnd the RodolfoAnd the Negotiable e Projota. Outside the home, she has also received praise from artists such as Maria JaduAnd the I love you I love you e Jorge E. Matthews.

To close the menu, Chico César and Duda Beat have already considered a musical partnership with their makeup artistWhat or what He also got a mysterious DM from Luan Santana.

Target “BBB” and hit “The Voice!” Did the music career come?

BBB 21: Juliet couldn't sing live - Play / Globoplay - Play / Globoplay

BBB 21: Juliet has never been able to sing live

Photo: Play / Globoplay

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