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See the article Arthur Neto: Science versus Negation

See the article Arthur Neto: Science versus Negation

Manaus This week we had another rich discussion between the Nucleus of Political Education and Renewal (NEPR) of the Center for Legal Preparatory (CPJUR), which I am honored to coordinate. A project still in its third meeting, but it is already showing it was born to be great, as it strengthens democracy, citizen training and public administration ethics.

With the topic: “The importance of Brazilian research in the fight against Covid-19”, I attended a real lesson by researcher and infectious disease physician Marcos Lacerda and psychiatrist and epidemiologist Eduardo JS Honorato, both of whom specialize in public health. Away from the party’s knowledge, what has been proven is that Brazil is experiencing dangerous and painful reactions of exile, a lack of respect for social isolation and prevention measures, and a lack of faith in vaccines and the central government that would direct the country to an effective response to the epidemic.

Incidentally, disbelief in research and science has become more evident in this period, with reduced investment in the region. On the one hand, we’ve seen an increase in cost overruns in the National Congress. Shame, lack of respect for the Brazilian people, lack of respect for life. The result of this march against allergies in public health was the sad number of 400,000 Brazilians who lost their lives due to the new Coronavirus, and in Amazonas, many of them choked cruelly due to lack of oxygen.

Those who survive the virus – either because they weren’t infected or because they managed to recover – must contend with a fragile economy, with low GDP, high unemployment, and high inflation. It is a frustrating scenario, especially because there is no real possibility of recovery. Tax reform is already dead and the National Immunization Plan is following in the footsteps of the Turtles.

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Vaccine saves lives, I would say doubly. It comes to the rescue when the immune system helps contain the flare-up of Covid-19 in the body and bails out when seen as the only viable alternative proven to boost the recovery of the economy. Brazil is the only country in the world still discussing the effectiveness of chloroquine as an early treatment for Covid-19, big lie! Brazil turns its back on the science and goes the opposite way to reduce the effects of the epidemic.

As Dr. Eduardo Honorato said, “Being a scientist has become an act of resistance in Brazil”. May we all be resistance!