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See situations that annoy committee members

See situations that annoy committee members

Flying is an experience that does not always please everyone. Now, imagine if you had to go through stressful experiences a lot.

This is sometimes what can happen to flight attendants. Although they are always trained to serve passengers in the best possible way, some situations can take these professionals very seriously.

a UOL I spoke to six male and female flight attendants to find out what bothers them during the flight.

Here is a list of the most stressful situations for flight attendants:

Disable boarding of other passengers

Walking down the aisle while other passengers board the plane, leaving their luggage in the aisle, and taking selfies at the door, among other situations, hinder boarding.

This can result in delays that lead to penalties for companies and delayed communication from someone else, for example.

lack of education

Being educated is a good thing in every situation. Flight attendants on planes that work and do not travel. Even if they are unemployed, nothing justifies their insolence.

Therefore, it is worth respecting and treating these professionals politely

Feeling the need to carry passengers’ luggage

Tact and politeness are characteristic of the class, but it is not worth offending them. In the end, flight attendants end up helping people who have a mobility problem or are injured, but that’s not their job.

Placing the bags in the overhead bins above the seats is everyone’s responsibility. On TikTok, flight attendant Cierra Mist also reminds us that flight attendants are only paid once the plane is closed and the doors are closed. brakes was issued.

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So again, no abuse!

I think the crew is only available to them

Flight attendants have to deal with a large number of situations involving flight safety and in-flight service, among other things. Thinking that they exist to be agents of your personal needs does not usually work.

This also applies to when the passenger is trying to monopolize the care of his family or group.

Order the service on the plane in “Parcels”

Setting up on-board service for hundreds of passengers on board requires complex logistics in the short time available. To prevent anyone from going hungry and to improve food and drink delivery, planning is essential.

For this reason, the position of the cut order interferes with the organization of the flight attendants, who will have to adapt the way the service is performed for each part of the order or for each change made, delaying the service of all passengers.

Due to the shortness of space, it is necessary to work in the most organized way possible. Imagine that all glasses of drinks are served, and just as meals are being prepared, someone orders a drink at the moment: the crew will have to find space and reorganize to get that order in time.

Interrogation or failure to comply with security procedures

Safety instructions are universal rules and must be followed. Failure to comply may even result in imprisonment.

Stewards are agents responsible for security on the ship, not just waiters. Onboard service is something that is complementary, not obligatory so that it occurs most of the time.

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So while giving safety instructions, pay attention or at least keep calm so as not to disturb this moment.

Changing diapers in the wrong place

Parents who change their babies’ diapers in the seats end up spreading the smell of baby poo in the air. Ideal is a change in the bathroom on the plane.

To make matters worse, there are people who still call the commissioners to hand them soiled diapers to take to the trash.

Occupy an entire luggage compartment on your own

Luggage space above the seats must be shared with all passengers, not just for the baggage of those who decide to carry several bags on their own. Since space is short, you need to know how to divide and organize what you take on the plane.

to get worse, Overhead bins do not accommodate one standard suitcase per passenger On some aircraft models. An example is the Boeing 737 Max 8, which can carry up to 210 passengers, but with a maximum of 178 bags within the standard limit of 55 cm height, 35 cm width and 25 cm depth.

Insist on changing seats or promoting

If you choose the seat you are in, do not try to take advantage of it and insist that it be changed after boarding the plane. Don’t upgrade or go to emergency area seats where there is often more legroom.

If you want more benefits, you should contract with the company, preferably before the trip. In 2015, the presenter Danilo Gentile lost a lawsuit claiming moral damages against Tam at the time (Today Latam) to change it to a seat with more legroom without paying the additional service fee.

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In a row in 2012, an employee of the company asked Gentili to get out of the seat that was at the emergency exit. With the defeat, the bidder was ordered to pay R$2,500 at the time to the airline.

Requires priority to get off

Almost everyone has a schedule, and it is not always possible to prioritize someone. Even with the individual passenger need, whether to call or appointment, there are many passengers who also need to get off, and each of them will leave the plane in time.

Call “sh*t”, bite your fingers …

Education, again, should be the norm. Also, many planes have a button above the seats to call the flight attendant, who should take care of you as soon as possible.

Leave a mountain of trash behind

During the flight and upon disembarkation, know where to leave the trash. Sometimes you find soiled diapers left behind and even bottles with urine.

Refusal to wear a mask

Wearing a mask on some flights is still mandatory

Photo: FabrikaCr/iStock

Mask wearing is still mandatory on flights at several locations, so if crew directs its use, you must comply. The absence of the mask can guarantee the forced removal of the unruly passenger from the aircraft.

During 2021 in the United States it was reported 5,981 cases of rioting passengers, including 4,920 people who refused to wear masks on flights.

Ignore (on purpose) when hostesses offer something

Although many people think of flight attendants as waiters, they are actually flight security officers. Service on board is a supplementary activity. Purposefully ignoring these professionals is one of the reasons they bother them the most, as well as a huge lack of education.


This is an excerpt from the perception of some professionals, and does not seek to have consensus on the entire category. Is there something that bothers you more on the plane? Send it to us, write in the comments.