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See payment calendar

See payment calendar

Due to the epidemic, the payment schedule for PIS Pasep The two programmes, which were traditionally paid once a year, were changed and were subject to suspension in 2021 and reworked in transfer amounts.

Payments for 2021 have been suspended due to the transfer of the amount used for the salary bonus to be paid into the Emergency Employment and Income Maintenance (BEm), a program that funds part of the salaries of private sector workers, in order that they will not be fired and the company will be able to bear the costs of keeping the employee during quarantine.

The workers received remittances the following year and those who worked with an official contract in 2021 should get the allowance in 2022 but last year the payment was suspended and reached the group that worked in the base year 2020. Then a change in the payment schedule.

As of Resolution 896, the PIS Pasep Salary Allowance will be paid between January and December and not later than July, between year to year, as it was previously. Check out the payment schedule below.

PIS Pasep تقويم Calendar

  • Base year 2020: Reaching value in 2022
  • Base year 2021: Reaching value in 2023
  • Base year 2022: Reaching value in 2024

Due to its delay, the schedule for the base year 2020 was more recent, being implemented between February and March 2022. As for the base year 2021, there is still no official payment schedule.

It should be noted that those who are eligible but have not yet withdrawn the basic year 2020 salary allowance have until December 15th to withdraw funds; see how.

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PIS Pasep . Receipt Rules

  • I worked with a portfolio in the base year (in this case 2021)
  • You have received a minimum wage per month
  • Worked for at least 30 days
  • Be registered with PIS / PASEP for at least five years
  • To be included in the company’s RAIS statement


Private sector employees can check PIS Pasep values ​​through the Caixa Trabalhador app, on the Caixa Econômica Federal website, or by calling the Caixa Econômica federal phone number 0800726 0207. For public employees, the service channels are bank phones. do Brasil service: 4004-0001 (capitals and metropolitan areas), 0800729 0001 (other cities) and 0800 729 0088 (hearing impaired).

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This story was last updated on Jul 30, 2022 5:39 PM

July 30, 2022 5:39 pm