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A credit card gives up to 40 days without interest to pay for purchases

See how to find your password

the card Box This was announced by the head of the foundation, Pedro Guimarães, in October. To access the card, you must be a Caixa Tem customer, as it was created specifically for this audience. Recruitment is 100% online and with immediate release.

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Caixa Tem app was created in 2020 and specially developed to meet the demand of beneficiaries for emergency assistance. However, the application has not been deactivated after the end of the program and continues with news, among which is the credit card. credit I got the box.

Photo: Caixa Tem credit card.

How to Apply for a Caixa Tem Credit Card

To make ordering very easy and fast, just follow these steps:

  • First, open the “Cashier Tem” app;
  • Choose the “credit card” option.
  • A message will appear: “I want to get my cash card”, then click on the orange “Next” button;
  • Confirm the delivery address and click “Confirm”;
  • Then enter your email to send invoices and confirm;
  • Choose Limit Available Options;
  • Select the best day for your bill to be due;
  • Then confirm your details and accept the terms;
  • Finally, create the password according to the instructions;

live do scd

ready! It’s available now and will come to your home soon.

How do you verify the password?

To check your password, keep your credit card and CPF handy and follow the instructions we have listed for you:

  • Access to CAIXA Online Banking;
  • Then choose the option “Cards”;
  • Click “Credit Card”;
  • Finally, consult the password.
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Now, select the desired card and fill in the required data. The password for the selected card will appear on the screen.

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Photo: Caixa Tem credit card website.