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See how the European Cup match went

See how the European Cup match went

After two bitter tie Eurocop, Spain showed a good disappointed football Today, she concluded her classification to the Round of 16 of the tournament by defeating Slovakia 5-0 in Group E. Now, the Spaniards face Croatia in the knockout stage – the match takes place on Monday (28), at 1:00 pm (Brazilian time).

The score, on the other hand, eliminates the Slovaks, who only added three points in the group and finished the season with a negative score of five goals, eliminating any chance of progressing as one of the best third-place players.

The final classification for Group E looked like this:

  1. Sweden – 7 points
  2. Spain – 5 points
  3. Slovakia – 3 points
  4. Poland – 1 point

a UOL Sports Summarize what was the duel between the Spaniards and Slovaks. paying off:

There is a missed opportunity…

With an offensive formation, Luis Enrique’s side went through a kind of blitzkrieg in the early minutes of the match – and earned a penalty in the 10th minute, after a kick from defensive midfielder Hrumada in Cook’s legs.

what or what Happened over the weekend with Moreno, however, repeated this time with Morata. The Juventus striker hit hard and missed his shot after a superb defense from Dubravka.

Eight minutes later, Sarabia broke and missed a great opportunity to score against Badri. In the next step, it was Morata’s turn to allow the ball to pass through Azpilicueta’s cross.

The goalkeeper “plays volleyball”

Since the attack was unsuccessful, the job of getting the ball was left inside the Slovak goalkeeper.

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In the 29th minute, Dubravka, who had until that time been the ‘champion’ of the match for his defense of Morata’s penalty, became a villain by driving a historic mess.

In a wrong ball from Slovakia’s defense, Sarabia hit the crossbar. The ball went up, and in the fall, when the goalkeeper tried to play a corner kick, he ended up “cutting” the ball into his own goal. not like that!

Then it became easier…

What had been a suspended match for Spain was opened after the first goal. Without pressure, Luis Enrique’s team reached the second goal in the first stage additions

After a rebound from a corner, Pedri gave a superb shot to Moreno, who dominated the finish line and, protecting Dubravka, crossed the middle of the area. Defender Laporte, who went to attack the set ball, headed into the net: 2-0.

In 10 minutes of the second time, the Spaniards finished the match. From the left wing, Alba made a low cross and Sarabia, with her left leg, took it first and extended the score.

Kok and Sarabia celebrated one of Spain’s goals against Slovakia


defeat in style

The fourth goal came in the 21st minute. In a rehearsed corner kick, Sarabia received a free kick on the finish line and displayed it diagonally.

Ferran Torres, who had just entered, appeared from behind the defenders and gave a message to the back of the goal for Slovakia.

Four minutes later, another reserve, who had just stepped on the grass, seized the nets. After Pau Torres bounced inside the area, the ball headed towards the net. Kucka tried to take it off, but he pushed for his own goal – this was the fifth and final match.