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Secitece Connection discusses nature conservation and conscientious consumption

Secitece Connection discusses nature conservation and conscientious consumption

June 10, 2021 – 4:17 pm
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A special program for World Environment Day will address desertification and the preservation of rivers and seas, as well as providing tips to save and preserve the world we live in.

In June, the month when World Environment Day is celebrated, the “Connection Secitece – All Connected in Science” project will promote events to stimulate new insight into environmental problems, focusing on the solution and on the role of humans as a transforming catalyst. The idea is also to show the important role of science and technology as allies in nature conservation.

The first activity will take place next Thursday (17/6), at 4 pm, with a live broadcast on the topic “Combating Desertification: Strategies and Techniques”. At this event, specialists will highlight experiences in restoring vulnerable areas in the Brazilian semi-arid region and alternatives to reduce their impacts. Antonio Rocha Magalhães (CGEE); Ana Clara Rodriguez (Embraba); Jose Roberto de Lima (CGEE); Eduardo Svio (Funceme); and Marcelo Soares (Chief Scientist/Funcap). The mediator will be Minister Inacio Arruda. Registration for the activity is now open on Sympla, click here.

On June 23, the new episode of the podcast “Conexão Secitece” will be shown with a conversation on “Marine Science: Sustainability and Development”, in reference to World Oceans Day, which is also celebrated in June. Minister Inacio Arruda will speak with Rosanne Valente Marines (La Pomar) and Janis Trott (MCTI). Registration will be available at spotify.

Conscious consumption in practice

At the end of the month’s programme, the video class “Practical Conscious Consumption: Tips to Save and Preserve the World We Live In,” with specialist Suely Chacon (UFC), will teach how we can do our part in caring for nature from day to morning. Activity will be on June 30th at 4pm. All participants will receive a certificate.

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About Secitece Connection

The Secitece Connection project is implemented by the Department of Science, Technology and Higher Education (Secitece). Each month, a central topic is covered under different aspects by professionals in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, health, education, science and technology. There is life, webinars, podcasts, video lessons – everything to bring knowledge in an uncomplicated way to a growing audience, through the use of digital communication platforms.


Secitece Connection Project – Monthly Schedule from June (topic: environment)

Neighborhood – Today 6/17 (quinta-justice)
Theme: “Combating Desertification: Strategies and Technologies”
Time: 16 hours
Applications opened by Sympla, click here

audio notation – June 23 (the fourth-justice)
Premiere of the fourth episode of the Connection Secitece podcast with the topic: “Marine Science: Sustainability and Development”
access through Spotify, click here

Video – June 30 (the fourth-justice)
Theme: “Practical Conscious Consumption: Tips to Save and Preserve the World We Live in”
Time: 16 hours
All participants will receive a certificate.