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Scientists use human cells to create ‘biological equipment’

Scientists use human cells to create ‘biological equipment’

In recent years, we have noticed several attempts by scientists to create computers and software that mimic human thinking. However, we are now one step away from a more complete technology for cloning our minds, in the case of biocomputers with human cells that have managed to store a lot in memory.

“organic intelligence”

This type of technology is called organic intelligence and is the obvious antithesis of the idea artificial intelligence. Recently, scientists have published details of studies of this experiment in journals frontiers in science. In the article, they explain how a pool of stem cells can be used to develop a type of computer.

In this case, these stem cells were developed in the laboratory and earned the nickname “mini-brains”, since they have some of the functional characteristics of the human brain. For example, these cells can process learning and memory, which are basic psychological processes in our minds and cognitions.

With this, it is possible to develop devices that are very capable of assimilating information and learning to perform tasks much more efficiently than conventional computers. While silicon computers can handle math better, biocomputers are great at learning new functions and storing information.

A computer with human memory

Although today’s computers are very advanced, nothing beats the human memory which is capable of storing around 2500 terabytes of information. All this through 100 billion neurons organized in more than a thousand connection points. Thus, the expectation is that it will be possible to store data in brain organelles.

In addition, he also hopes that it will be possible to send and receive information to computers through real neural networks. However, this science is still very young and it is not known for certain when these computers will be available. In this case, a large bioengineering device is necessary for this project to get off the ground.

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