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Scientists say bees recognize human faces, have feelings, and are able to dream

Scientists say bees recognize human faces, have feelings, and are able to dream

The author of the book has been studying bees for 40 years

The colored bees, who fear their painful sting and are responsible for the pollination process, begin to acquire a new face thanks to the study of scientists who have shown that these insects are conscious beings capable of perception and sensations that are considered the simplest level of consciousness. .

Released in March of this year, the book What a Bee Knows: Exploring the Thoughts, Memories, and Personalities of Bees reveals that bees are capable of highly developed emotions, a limited level of consciousness, and can even dream.

The ability to recognize faces

Written by entomologist Steven Buchmann, a professor of entomology, ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona who has been devoted to studying these tiny animals for forty years, the book brings together several studies that conclude that bees are capable of displaying emotions typically associated with mammals, such as Optimism, frustration and fear.

These insects can also recognize different human faces and even experience symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress. Furthermore, studies show that they process long-term memories during sleep and may eventually dream.

Although their brains are incredibly small – only 1 million neurons compared to 100 billion humans – bees have remarkable abilities to navigate, learn, communicate and remember.

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