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Scientists claim to have seen fungi on Mars

Scientists claim to have seen fungi on Mars

An international group of Researchers She thinks she has found evidence of life on Mars. Is that they noticed pictures Red planet Where you can see something similar to a fungus. The images used by the scientists were made by Houmi Curiosity of e Another chance ‘retired’ in 2019.

at Article published in Advances in MicrobiologyThe researchers shed light on the hypothesis that prokaryotes and eukaryotes had “colonized” Mars. In the summary of the study, they presented the theory that these life forms reached the neighboring planet leaving Earth.

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“A variety of species remain viable after prolonged exposure to radiation Intense in space and can survive the Earth’s ejection, after meteorite strikes and sterilizing ships heading to Mars; While simulation studies have shown that prokaryotes, fungi and lichens live in simulated Martian environments – discoveries support the hypothesis that life may have been repeatedly transferred from Earth to Mars, ”explains the summary.

Researchers claim that the elements pictured resemble the basidiomycota. Photo: NASA / Opportunity

In the observed pictures, they believe they have found organisms similar to “puffballs,” a type of round fungus that resembles a small ball with thorns, which is found abundantly in Terra. The article highlights “Fungi thrive in high radiation environments”.

The researchers add that the sequence images document Mars samples that appear to be terrestrial fungi emerging from the soil and enlarging in size. Not only this. The group of scientists noted that after being crushed by flying wheels, new spherical “fungi” appeared, some of them stems, over the ancient remains.

The team went further. They said “samples are identical to bacteriaBlack fungi have also appeared on the spacecraft. Using images from HiRISE, a camera on the orbiting Mars probe, the researchers found evidence of “amorphous samples inside a crack.” These “changed their shape and location, then disappeared”.

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In concluding the article, the team of researchers says that it is already well established that “a variety of terrestrial organisms live in conditions similar to those found on Mars”. For the group, Earth would likely cultivate life in planet Neighbor and life are frequently transferred between worlds.

They noted that “it would be surprising that there is no life on Mars.” But nothing provokes too much excitement. The researchers also warned against this discovery, noting that the similarities in morphology “are not evidence of life.” “We cannot completely get rid of the minerals, weather conditions, and unknown geological forces that are unique to Mars and alien to Earth.”

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