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Scientific recreation equipment, Praça da Ciência is delivered by the state government in the municipality of Giuseppe – Journal da Chapada

The Science Arena, the equipment that allows students to familiarize themselves with the concepts presented in the classroom in practice, was opened on Thursday (11) in the Chapadero municipality of Giuseppe. The project of the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (Secti) was handed over to “Professor of the Municipal School José Mancos Freire”.

According to the Ministry of State, the proposal is to encourage scientific knowledge in a playful and interactive way. Praça da Ciência has seven science leisure facilities. Acoustic shells, tube ukulele, swing, swing of different lengths, swivel chair, winch, generator bike and infinity well are the toys that make up the square.

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This is the second stage of deliveries and Irecê municipality has also benefited recently. In the first phase, the equipment was installed in the public squares close to the school units. The secretariat provided, on Monday, the squares inside the schools.

“When the square is within the schools, it enables the idea of ​​belonging to the school and the students themselves, as well as serving as an interactive mini-science center for other schools and the community in the same municipality. Within the project, we expect other schools to visit the squares, thus creating communication between schools through science” , said Secti’s Director of Policy and Programs, Sahar Lloyd.

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