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Science says optimistic people live longer, happier and healthier

Science says optimistic people live longer, happier and healthier

Looking on the bright side of life can be better than many people imagine. While optimists believe that chasing a “glass half full” is a way to get rid of negativity, to know Show that this can be a way to ensure a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Optimism can be both good and healthy (Photo: Reproduction/Unsplash)

At least, that’s what a survey conducted by Boston University in the United States indicates. According to the study, optimists live longer and better (in terms of happiness and health) than pessimists. The rationale is that they deal with fewer stressful events throughout their journey and stay “lighter” with life.

The research was conducted on 233 older men, over a total period of up to 24 years. During interviews with participants, researchers asked about positive and negative moments and stress levels when dealing with them.

The study showed that optimists view situations in a more positive mood and have lower stress levels than pessimists. Although the sample was made up of only older men, the researchers claimed that the same findings could apply to older women.

The article was published in Gerontology Journals. Luena Lee, the scientist who led the study, told Daily Mayl: “Optimism can maintain emotional well-being.”

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